Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Our 27th Year of Homeschooling Starts Soon!

I can remember the years of home schooling with an infant and a toddler in the house....  I can remember home schooling 5 at the same time.....  I can remember when Wyatt ate all our erasers off our pencils. I can remember having circle time....   the littles sat on a mat/blanket with quiet toys while we had our devotion time in the mornings.  I can remember all the picnics in our woods.... all our nature walks....

but.... this year 2017-2018 I have two high school students. I am close to retirement.....  and I have truly loved this home schooling journey....   and I'm a bit sad to see it coming close to an end.

High school isn't my favorite. I do not like the higher math or science.  I love reading to them and this isn't happening much..... some but not much.

Wyatt will be 10th and Wesley will be 9th. Alyssa will return to Johnson University for her sophomore year. Dakota lives in Jacksonville... and is an accountant.  Mandi lives in Alabama and will be married in November.  Michael lives in Orlando and is a worship pastor...  he and his wife have my first and only (so far) grandchild, Lincoln.

The years pass so quickly. 27 years of home schooling.  So very thankful that God allowed me this gift of teaching them at home. I love every minute of it.  It has lots of challenges and we have shed tears over math.....  and reading....  and life.

but.... I wouldn't change it.   We've had obstacles.....   living on one income...  and also dealing with mental illness as my husband struggles daily with agoraphobia. God is bigger than all that... and sometimes I would have to preach that to myself.  He is sovereign and in control....

Billy (my husband of almost 37 years) have always agreed to home schooling ... and a large family. He always helped with our babies....  changing and cuddling them.  He has always left the schooling up to me.

I have tweaked it lots through the years.  Michael, Mandi & Dakota were taught more "school at home" ~ but you know....  all went to college... they all learned.  Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley were/are taught more Charlotte Mason~ living books....   I have truly loved this way best...  but whatever you choose... tweak it to work for YOUR family.  This is YOUR journey.   This is MY journey.

I saw a lifetime friend of mine today. Had lunch with her....  one of the things that she kept saying to me is "I'm so glad that you have been able to let that go....  I can remember when xyz stressed/upset you but now I am thrilled you have learned to let it go."  

I think it comes with age.

This is a random, ramble post.

I do believe I am called to encourage moms in the area of home schooling....

breathe in these days.... for they will soon be gone. Make a memory every day....  hug them, tell them how proud of them you are....  how thankful you are to be their mom.

Love you guys!


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