Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Update on Us. Summer is here!

With all of these computer problems my blogging has slowed but I want to journal here. I love sharing and journaling... it helps me. Lot of computer problems... one of our laptop (newest) has a virus and our other one has missing keys and will not backspace! BUT, Lysa is home and I am using her Mac! Whoohoo!

Wyatt & Wes have just finished school and are in summer mode! We all are.... they finished their Heart of Dakota- Missions to Modern Marvels. We also love Teaching Textbooks and Easy Grammar.

                                                        Wyatt & Lincoln

Lysa just finished her freshman year at Johnson University and is home
for the summer. She plans to go to the Dominican Republic in July on
a mission trip. She loves Johnson and has met some amazing
lifelong friends! I am so grateful! Lysa will return to Johnson University
in the fall.
Lysa was picked to represent Johnson as they tour this summer to recruit students! I just love this picture of her! So proud.

Of course I need to show you Lincoln! Lincoln is 19 months old now! I love spending time with him!
We just returned from a week at the beach with him. He was so much fun. I just love him so very much. Every morning he would find me after my walk on the beach. We snuggled, ate breakfast, play in the water faucet....  or watched Toy Story! He loves Woody!
"Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone." 

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~

Friday, May 05, 2017

One Year Ago~

This time last year Lysa  had been home from the Philippines for almost a month. I keep reliving all of it. She was there for two weeks.

I posted a lot here but I still like to remember.... she was able to meet her sponsored child Jazzy Rain.

                          Lysa & Jazzy Rain at her project.

Last month Lysa shared with me a letter from Jazzy and her mom.... her mom thanked me for the presents I sent her. She was so very thankful for Lysa coming to see Jazzy! Over a year and she is still so very happy Lysa came to see them!

Remember she met Miguel.... he was a compassion child but the sponsor had stopped so Lysa was able to sponsor him!

God is amazing! God knew. 

So, Lysa planned to visit with friends, meet Jazzy but she also met Miguel!

she was also able to see old friends that she met in 2009-2010 with the COTW. Lysa always dreamed of seeing them again!

Joy was who Lysa stayed with for two weeks. Joy was the charpone that traveled to the U.S back in 2009-2010 with the Children of the World.

God is amazing! 

I know we will always share these memories. I am so very thankful.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Computer Problems

So frustrating ......

I have been so stressed. I want to blog weekly and just journal.
It helps me to write it out. Also, I love going back and reading past posts.

I think that is why I love Instagram so much. I keep everything organized
by my hashtags! Crazy I know!

Oh... guys... what are you reading lately? I am reading Heather Avis' book
The Lucky Few. It is amazing! Also, Kate Merrick's book And Still
She Laughs. Sooooo good!

My Lysa was in her lifetime friends wedding! Isnt she beautiful?!

Would love to hear from you. Let me know if you stop by.

grace. Teena

Sunday, February 05, 2017

How can it be 15 Years?

Things were pretty scary 15 yrs ago tonight. I was almost 33 weeks pregnant with my 5th child.  I had pre~eclampsia and my blood pressure was so high .... our doctor made the decision to deliver him. Yes, by c~section. All my babies have been by c~section (story for another day). I had been on bedrest for almost a month, taken the steroid shots to mature the baby's lungs and had bi~weekly non stress tests.

But, on the morning of the 4th....  my head was hurting so bad, my eyes were "dancing."  So, I called labor & delivery and they told me to come immediately.

Upon arrival my blood pressure was 198/118. My doctor admitted me and started magnesium sulfate. Dr. Reese also gave me another round of the shots to mature the baby's lungs.

Things. were. pretty. scary.

God was there. He poured His mercy out...

Wyatt Emory was born the morning of  February 6th.  He weighed 5 lbs 1 oz and was 18" long. Such a tiny thing!  So very thankful to God for His grace and mercy. So very thankful for our 5th born son who was named after my dad (Emory).

This was the first 24 hours of Wyatt's life. Wyatt came home with me/us only after 4 days in the hospital! God is good!

Wyatt, you are such a bright spot in my life. You are so full of love.... Jesus' love. You always make sure I am alright. At almost 15, you still tell us you love us. The way you are full of JOY and always singing and smiling ... makes me think of your sister. I know you miss her very much. You help me so much with all the changes... reassuring me everything will be ok. I know God has big plans for you but He is already so big in your life. I am going to fully embrace these 3 1/2 years with you. Time is running out....  at this moment right now I have 184 weeks left till you start college... 1287 days.... 30,885 hours....  I love you so very much, Wyatt! Happy Birthday!!