Thursday, October 04, 2018

Hope and an Older Age....

Our family is still very involved in Compassion International. Compassion is a non profit that releases children from poverty in Jesus name through child sponsorship. Our family has sponsored since 2008.  This is the 10 year mark.

I shared a couple post below ....  about Sondo.

I want Sondo to alway know that he is loved by people around the world.... but so much more by Jesus.  He lives with his mom who is 64. I want to give them HOPE.

We received our first letter from Sondo~ He goes by Anto! Look at his words of thankfulness for us!

He says, "God has moved your heart and your church friends' to sponsor me. Mama, I pray that God will reward your care for me."   How awesome is that!  HOPE. 

Thank you to all who gave ONE month....   it shows me how one small act of kindness is HUGE!

Welcome to our family, Anto! We love you already. God is faithful. Who ever is kind to the needy honors God~ Prov. 14:31

Grace~ Teena

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Through the Years of Home Schooling~

This is my 28th year of homeschooling.  I only have 3 more years and then.....  this journey will be over. Honestly it makes me sad. I will have 30 years of memories....  of home schooling my half dozen.  Time really does go so fast....
The early years~

Two teens left at home.

but, they do not look like that now....

Here we are now....

Wyatt who is 11th this year and Wesley who is 10th.

We use a hodge podge of curriculum.  Heart of Dakota is our main curriculum. Teaching Textbooks for math and sometimes Apologia for Science, sometimes Abeka Science. Easy Grammar is every year.  You may ask why? But, all of mine score high on English on the SAT.  So if it works why change. Although we are not "get the highest score" people.  My oldest three did a boxed curriculum. Abeka mainly.  They learned the information to pass the test... but not because of their love of learning.

We changed for the youngest three ....  about 9 years ago.  That is when we started with Heart of Dakota. We love it. It is a literature based program.  It is a lot of reading but it all correlates together. Somewhat like a unit study.

Of all our years of home schooling....  I would say ....  laugh more, read together more.... take walks, don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy it. If your child is struggling with reading or math or handwriting.. IT. IS. OK.  They will get it. It may not be like your neighbor's child or the other 1st grader in the home school group....  or even the other 4th grader....  but they will get it! Do what is right for your family.

ENJOY this time with your children.  It goes way to fast. I say the same thing over and over...  but it needs to be said over and over....

Happy 2018-2019 school year!

Grace~ Teena

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Making Memories Always~ Time is fleeting

Our yearly family vacation to the beach. This year we went to St. Augustine. It was our first time there. Our oldest daughter Mandi and her husband Andrew were not able to make it.

We had such a wonderful time at the beach the first of May. It is always a kick off to our summer. We are now wrapping up our summer and I am a bit sad. Starting my/our 28th year of home schooling in about a week. But, before we do let me show you a few more of our summer highlights!

I love taking pictures. It is a hobby of mine. I love recording our story. Looking back on our memories is such a joy of mine. It brings me such peace and warms my heart, especially on hard days!

All of us except Billy (my husband), oldest daughter, Mandi and her husband Andrew and Dakota's wife, Alex. It is hard getting us all together at one time! Most of the time that only happens on Christmas!

My oldest daughter and her husband do not come on our beach trips. This summer they were able to come for a visit. We all went to Ichnucktnee Springs .....   all but Dakota & Alex. Like I said, it is hard to get everyone together! Mike & Amber came to meet us....  

We've had an amazing summer and I hate to see it end. Lysa leaves tomorrow to return to Johnson University....  for her Junior year. I have enjoyed having her here for the past 10 days. I will miss her. 

Life continues to change. My second son, Dakota moved to Memphis this summer. His wife, my daughter in law, Alex will start medical school this month.  

I love standing back and watching my kids interact with each
other. They all enjoy one another and laugh a lot. My half dozen are almost all adults.  Wes turned 15 last month and
Wyatt is 16. Where does the time go?

I have so many memories....  cherished in my heart. On the hard days I take some time and look at pictures. It always calms my heart and makes me smile. I am so very thankful to God for His mercy and grace.

Our memories stay with us forever. Even when life continues to change and kids become adults and move on to start their own lives....  we always have our memories!

Make memories.... they last a lifetime!

Grace~ Teena

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Wait is Over

Last month was Compassion Sunday at our church.  I have spoken at our church for
Compassion International for several years. I love Compassion International and believe in
this organization 100%. I have seen it work! I have met Compassion graduates and seen
how CI has changed their lives.

At our church we have lots who already sponsor.  We are a somewhat small church... 200-250. We have about 40 children sponsored through Gracepointe! Isn't that wonderful!

This year as I looked all through the packets of children waiting to be sponsored. We had some
older children this year.  One that caught my eye (and heart)~ Sondo. He had been sponsored for
10 years....  just like one of our sponsored boy.  Only Sondo's sponsor stopped in Nov. 2017.

The thing is.... Sondo was only 17 months from graduating from the Compassion program. I called and inquired.  I found out that Sondo had not received a letter since March of 2016. My heart broke.

For the next few days I could not get Sondo off my mind. I wanted him to finish the Compassion program and I want to write him every month, send birthday gifts and a family gift. I want him to know that God connected the dots and added him to our family.  Most would think
he was already grown (especially in our country) but Compassion has a certain age that they "age out."  When inquiring about him....  they said he lives with his mom.  When you sponsor a child you not only change the child's life but you also minister to the family.

I knew with the children we already sponsor that I would not be able to financially sponsor Sondo. My heart was so stirred and again, I could not get him off my mind. I kept thinking about how I could work it out.....   I truly believe God was working all things out.....   I believe He gave me the idea to post his picture and ask for help on our church's Compassion page and our home school page.

You will never guess what happened?!! All 17 months have been paid! Several gave 1 month, a few gave 2 months, and a few gave several months! God is faithful!
This is Sondo! I have sent his first letter. I wish I could see his face when they tell him he has been sponsored! Most of the time when an older child loses their sponsor it is not likely for them to be sponsored again.

I can't wait to hear from him!

The video above doesn't play ... you have to click and go to youtube ... it will come up. It is an amazing video.