Friday, July 14, 2017

How can He be 14?

Our youngest of 6 turns 14 today. I'm a bit emotional. I didn't think I would be.....
but I am.

He was born 17 months after Wyatt. It was my best pregnancy. I only gained 18lbs (I was still nursing Wyatt) but better than that.... I wasn't sick! Anyway, this is about Wesley not me.  Funny how we always tell our birth stories. Get a bunch of woman together ... and boom.... birth stories. I don't mind I love it.

Wesley was my 6th c-section and I was almost 42. He wasn't a surprise. We were hoping for another....   maybe not that soon but God knows better and I am so thankful they are 17 months apart.
Wesley has really went through a growth spurt this year....  he has lost 20lbs and grown several inches. Looking at pics from last year till now ..... WOW..

Wesley loves sports, he plays the drums and recently started playing for our church on the worship team, he loves bulldogs....   the Georgia Bulldogs but also English bulldogs and french bulldogs. He loves to surf, and skim board.... oh and skateboard.

He is a good young man. He looks out for me....   doesn't mind cooking or cleaning up. Helps out a lot.

I know it will not be long till Wes is grown and gone.  I have the legacy app on my phone and it tells me how many weeks, days, minutes left till he graduates.  Our associate pastor does the marbles....

You have approximately 936 weeks from the day a child is born until he or she graduates from high school, —and the weeks move quickly. Filled with approximately 1,000 marbles, the Legacy Marble Jar serves as a visual reminder that will help parents play for keeps. Because when you see how much time you have left, you tend to do more with the time you have now.

So my marbles with Wesley  are disappearing......   213 weeks, 1488 days, 35,723 hours.....  you get the picture.  Time flies. 

So very thankful for our Wesley! Happy Birthday, Wes! 

She's on her Way~

Lysa left today to head to Orlando. She will spend the night with Mike, Amber & Lincoln. Tomorrow she will meet up with her team and drive to Ft. Lauderdale. Saturday morning they fly to the Dominican Republic. She is so excited and a bit nervous....

I am excited for her.... and nervous. She will be there with her professor and several other college students.

They will be working with GO ministry while they are in the DR.
GO Ministries seeks to empower passionate, local leaders serving inside their cultures to REDEEM people, RENEW communities and RESTORE creation by developing dynamic international, mutually transformational partnerships.

Lysa will be there for a week. I know God will be glorified as they serve in the DR. Thank you for praying! 

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my Dad would of been 93. July is such a special month of memories. Dad was born July 8th, he was in WWII,  and he went to be with Jesus on July 14th. 

Several months ago a new road/lane was put in on our road and some new people moved in. The name made me smile.  EJ Lane.  My dad's name was E.J. My grandmother always told me my dad was born on my road.... in 1924.  She would tell me how they would walk down to the end of the road to church. My dad was the 5th born. So, when they lived on this road she had four living children.   My dad ... newborn, my aunt Edith 2 yrs old, Evelyn 4, and Earl 6. I love thinking about them living out here. One time when Dad was visiting he pointed out where he thought their house might be.  We found the old remains of a fireplace. I took several of the bricks and they are in my secret garden. 

I'm so thankful God led us here after our house burned in 1991.  Isn't that the coolest? He sees the end from the beginning. Now, 93 years later there is a road sign with my Dad's name on it. Thank you, Jesus for all your gifts. 


Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Update on Us. Summer is here!

With all of these computer problems my blogging has slowed but I want to journal here. I love sharing and journaling... it helps me. Lot of computer problems... one of our laptop (newest) has a virus and our other one has missing keys and will not backspace! BUT, Lysa is home and I am using her Mac! Whoohoo!

Wyatt & Wes have just finished school and are in summer mode! We all are.... they finished their Heart of Dakota- Missions to Modern Marvels. We also love Teaching Textbooks and Easy Grammar.

                                                        Wyatt & Lincoln

Lysa just finished her freshman year at Johnson University and is home
for the summer. She plans to go to the Dominican Republic in July on
a mission trip. She loves Johnson and has met some amazing
lifelong friends! I am so grateful! Lysa will return to Johnson University
in the fall.
Lysa was picked to represent Johnson as they tour this summer to recruit students! I just love this picture of her! So proud.

Of course I need to show you Lincoln! Lincoln is 19 months old now! I love spending time with him!
We just returned from a week at the beach with him. He was so much fun. I just love him so very much. Every morning he would find me after my walk on the beach. We snuggled, ate breakfast, play in the water faucet....  or watched Toy Story! He loves Woody!
"Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone." 

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~