Saturday, July 13, 2019

Summer Highlight~

We are enjoying our summer.  Each year we volunteer at our church's kids camp. We love it more than the kids do. I love seeing all the orange team (volunteers)! It is long and tiring but each year we can not wait for the next year. This year was our sixth year. Our second one with out Lysa. I know times will continue to change....   I pray we have a few more years with the boys volunteering before they are off doing internships and such!

I was on meal squad again this year. Over 2000 meals we prepared. The most tired I have been all summer~ but so much fun and so worth it! To God be the Glory!

This is our children's pastor/assoc. pastor.  Six years ago when he had this vision for Summergize~ we had 34 campers. This year we had over 200 with about 65 volunteers! That is the most the camp group can hold~ so we have a waiting list.  This is the picture of my boys with Archie (leader of summergize). Look how much they have grown!

Summergize 2019 is in the books. So thankful to have these memories with my Gracepointe tribe and my kiddos.  Waiting for 2020!

Change a life forever~ sponsor a child!

Grace~ Teena

Monday, July 01, 2019

Cambodia, Yellow Flowers and my Sunshine Girl

Lysa flew to Cambodia in March. To minister at Rapha House. Rapha House is a non profit safe house that rescue girls from sex traffiking.  As always God connected the dots and I was able to peek in.....

She told me about these three little girls that she met and how they opened up to her a bit. One made the heart sign with her hands and one gave her yellow flowers. She could see HOPE there. These girls at Rapha House have been rescued from sex trafficking ......  and Lysa felt HOPE there....

She shared with me through messenger. Of course, no pictures are allowed....  for privacy and safety. I told her that I would pray for those girls and I would buy some yellow flowers and place them on my kitchen sink. Every time I saw them I would remember and pray for those girls.

Later that day I was reading in my devotional by Bonnie Gray. Whispers of Hope  and this was my devotional for that day!!!

We all need encouraging reminders of peace. I love that Jesus points us to look at flowers in the filed. Behavioral research at Rutgers University found that simply looking at flowers improves emotional health. The presence of flowers triggered happy emotions in participants, increasing feeling of life satisfaction. Flowers are a natural mood enchaner. Harvard University even demonstrated that those who aren't morning people, who start out with morning blahs, reported a boost in energy, happiness and friendliness that lasted through-out the day by looking at flowers first thing in the morning, placed in a room they frequented often- particularly in kitchen. ~ Bonnie Gray


Then this-


Buy Flowers for Yourself
Place them where you can enjoy them

May the flowers remind you how valuable you are to Jesus. He is your peace

Love how Jesus connects the dots. Love yellow flowers. They will always mean so much more to me now.

Grace~ Teena

Friday, February 22, 2019

A Few of My Favorites!

This is the Give Me Jesus Journal from The Well Watered Woman Co. I love it!  For 23 years I have kept a journal for my quiet time. I decided to try something different and I saw the  Give me Jesus Journal on a friends Instagram and decided I would try it!

Snow cones with Lincoln! I love  when he comes to Nonni’s house to see us!

My chicken/hen, Sybil!

It’s the little things!
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Looking at 2019

Happy New Year! We are in the second month of the new year. I had a hard time leaving behind Christmas & 2018 but.....  I'm ready.

Each year.... I pick a word for the year.  This year...  I wasn't feeling it. Wasn't sure I would have one for 2019. I started to question....  was it because I do this because it trendy or because I really want to focus on something God is showing me....

2011- Mercy
2012- Grace
2013- Peace
2014- Hope
2015- Joy
2016- Rest
2017- Laugh
2018- Simple

On the last night of 2018... it came to me. It was just a word I saw and it sparked an interest. I had taken the dayspring quiz and the word PEACE kept coming up....  but that was my word for 2013. I wasn't feeling it. So when I saw this word....  I just smiled. I didn't claim it....  I just thought about it for a while. Letting myself wonder why THIS word...  and I just smiled. God is like that...  I just knew. It was right where I was at....  He met me. 

So for 2019 ~  my word....


Because I struggle with change.... I believe this word .... Embrace... is perfect. I struggle and have to talk myself out of the lies...  often...  before I put my feet on the floor in the mornings... the clouds come in and whisper to me.... all the bad....  that all the change is bad, hard, and sad....  it is happening more often because life is changing fast. Change .. that word is like a bad word in my mouth...  my mind.  I do not want it to be....  so, God will show me all kinds of things with the word EMBRACE this year. Sometimes it is totally different than what I think it will be....   sharing my heart here... and keeping it real. Life is hard at times and when so many changes come...   my emotions have a hard time putting things in perspective. It is hard for others to understand... but everyone's life looks different. We all struggle with different things...   for MY life.... I'm on the tail end of raising six children (youngest is 15, in 10th grade), only two here at home... teen boys, four children living in different states, mental illness and addiction try to destroy our family... but God.  God is enough. God is bigger. God is faithful. God is my Rock.

I want to EMBRACE change....  embrace what God has set before me. I want to embrace the moment, the memory we are making at just that moment....  embrace the changes as they come.... and give glory to God for all the things He has done... and continues to do.

Happy New Year... to all of you. If you are reading... will you leave me a comment. I'm not even sure who is here anymore.  But, thank you for stopping by!

Grace~ Teena