Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 has started with a BANG.

The flu has hit our home. Each one of the boys and now me.  Tomorrow will be a week of fever for me. It is tough. We didn't catch it in time so no... tamiflu. :(  We have spent a lot of days laying on the couch, taking advil, drinking hot tea and eating soup. I've never had the flu before and hopefully will not ever get it  again!

We have LAUGHED some....  we have been watching netflix and falling asleep. As crazy as it has been I told them....  we will talk about this for years.   OH and our TREE is still up! Our decorations are down but not the tree....  matter of fact as I am typing this it is my view when I look up and the lights are on.

We have shared how we miss everyone and how fun it was....  and all the fun stuff we did and read together.

January is always hard for me.  Our home is not well insulated and January is usually our coldest month.  It may not be cold to some of you... who live in the North but when it gets down in the teens here we are FREEZING.  This past weekend it was around 25 with the wind chill around 17. BRRR.

Wes made Wyatt and him a winter wonderland. :)

Hope your New Year is off to a great start. Would love to hear that you stopped by. Do you have a word for 2017? Is there snow in your area?


Grace~ Teena

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Getting Ready for 2017.

Each year I choose a word that I believe God is impressing on my heart. I know some may think this is cheesy or silly but it works for me. In previous years my words have been grace, mercy, peace, joy and this past year REST.

The last few weeks the word that keeps coming to my mind is LAUGH.  I know that may sound strange.... its not spiritual .. it doesn't have some great meaning.....  it is just ... simple....


So I am going to share with you.... why I feel this word is meant to be my word for 2017. I am an older mom. I am 55. My two youngest boys are 13 and almost 15. My oldest is 31. I have homeschooled for 26 years. I love my life....   even though I have shared with all of you a sustaining longing that I have struggled with for years and years.  My husband was diagnosed in 1989 with Agoraphobia with severe panic attacks. 

I am a detail person. I like details and I like to know details so it is very hard for me not to  share all the little but big things. 

Lysa went to college in August. She has met some amazing friends.... lifelong best friends. I see pics of her and her friends, I see snaps and they are always LAUGHING. I see friends here.... and they are always LAUGHING.....   

here at home....   we are often tense ....   not much LAUGHING.  I have realized this and it makes my heart sad. 

My children move away and are in their adult lives and are out from under the stress of mental illness. IT grieves me that our home can't be a more LAUGHING place. 

So I am hoping in 2017 I can LAUGH more with them. We bought the game Speak Out. It is so funny and we roll LAUGHING.  God has been showing me how much we do not LAUGH here at home. 

Can you pray for me. My heart is sad. God gives me the grace each day but the older I get the more tired and weary I become. I want to "Not grow weary in well doing.... for in due time....  "   

Thank you for listening.  I am always nervous about being so real..... 


Grace~ Teena

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas is Here and Gone.

Christmas is here and gone ... but as Ann Voskamp says...Christmas is forever because Christ is always with us. All our children and grandson were home for Christmas. My four adult children traveled to be with us. So excited. We are a large family and so it is very loud here when everyone comes. This year my sister was with us too... so that makes 13 of us.

The boys and I have been doing our Advent reading and our Advent Surprises. The advent surrpises help me to stay focused ... as and older mom I am tired at night and and tend to just chill on the couch and watch some of our shows or play on my phone.  I do not want to waste our nights this way. I want to make memories.... even when I do not want to... you know?  So our surprises keep me engaged with my boys and making lasting memories. It is crazy to me....  how they pick things they really loved from previous years and it was the simplest thing!

Lysa came home last Friday so now she is sharing with us in our Advent. It is always fun.
I love this time of year. Leading up to Christmas is often my favorite. We do not buy a lot....  we make gifts and give gifts that give back.

So very thankful to my God for His gift of our Lord and Savior. Hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas! Would love to hear how you are enjoying your family & friends this season.

Grace~ Teena

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Look Who Surprised Us for Thanksgiving!

Lincoln and his Mom and Dad! I knew they were coming but the boys didn't. They facetimed us from down our road. Told us they were going to visit a little farm....  the boys were watching and Wesley said "that's our yard!" They started looking outside and went running out there! Fun times! 

                                               Lincoln, Grandpa & our mini Indy
It was wonderful to wake up every morning with Lincoln here. Lincoln wakes up early! He would come see Nonni every morning!
Lysa came home from college for Thanksgiving.....   we all love spending time with Lincoln! All of our children except Mandi and her fiance were here for Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone will be here for Christmas!
Loved watching him walking all around our little farm. He loved the leaves and seeing all the animals. We raise guinea pigs and I made a little place called "Nonni's Piggy Patch." Lincoln loved feeding the piggies!
Love these guys.
He was the cutest quest at our table!

Grace~ Teena