Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lots of Changes Coming....

Been a while. Lots going on here.... lots to share with all of you.  Realizing I need a place to just journal our life. If people stop by....  welcome.... if they do not....  I will still have a place to write out my thoughts and walk out our journey.

In about 26 days I will start my 26 year of home schooling.  I only have two students left. Wyatt will be 9th grade and Wesley will be 8th.  Our Alyssa (Lysa) will start college about 4.5 hours away....  close  to where her older brother live.  I am so excited for her and know this is where God has her to be..... but I am also so very sad. Lysa is our breath of fresh air. She brings sunshine where ever she goes. Lysa started kindergarten when she was almost 7. I am so thankful for that decision. She will turn 19 a week after she goes to college. She is ready. Her major will be inter-culture studies. I am so excited to see where God takes her. Lysa is 4'9 and around 100 pounds but I believe she will do BIG things for the kingdom!

This year we will continue using Heart of Dakota curricula. Last year the boys and I did Revival to Revolution. This year we will be doing Missions to Modern Marvels. I love this level. Lysa did this when she was in 9th grade and LOVED it.  This level MTMM was her favorite of all of Heart of Dakota. I am very excited to do this with Wyatt & Wesley. For Math we use Teaching Textbooks and for English we will be using Easy Grammar with several writing things.

Our kids summer program called SUMMERGIZE.  We all volunteer ..... and it is a great time! I always say the leader have more fun then the kids!

I am also excited that we still have over three weeks left of summer! How are you enjoying your summer? Have you started your school prep?

Sponsor a child.... change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jazzy and Alyssa~

On March 29th my 18 year old daughter, Alyssa (Lysa) flew to the Philippines! Literally the other side of the world. She had prayed and saved and talked about visiting  the Philippines since she was 12. You know when you sponsor a child.... you really sponsor their whole family! Lysa sponsored Jazzy Rain when she was 7 years old.... and now she is 12. On April 7th, Lysa met Jazzy Rain!

Jazzy's mom, Mrs. Priscila was so very excited to see Lysa.  This is her welcoming Lysa. I love how she threw her hands up in the air and said "I am the mother of Jazzy Rain!" She embraced Lysa and held her for the longest time!
 This is Jazzy's house. She lives here with her mom, brother & sister. Her dad passed away when Jazzy was a baby. Again, Mrs. Priscila took her by the arm and led her in their home. 

 This is Lysa handing out gifts to Jazzy and her family. She brought a Jesus Storybook Bible for her and the big book you see there is Narnia! Lots of hair ties, Uno, sandals and a dress and lots more!
 Mrs. Pricila made some special treats for Lysa, Joy and the Compassion team. Coconut drink, yama cake and other treats. Their refrigerator did not work so they used it for a closet.
Here in this picture above they are sharing their letters. Lysa brought all of her letters that she has received over the past 5 years from Jazzy and Jazzy showed her all of her letters. How cool is that? Letters are so very important. 
 They were able to visit Jazzy's Compassion project and the kids at the project were having a field day.
 Lysa took Mrs, Pricila, Jazzy, Jazzy's sister, Zaira Claire shopping at the grocery store. She asked Jazzy where she would like to eat lunch and Jazzy picked Jollibee's! It is a place like Burger King.

Lysa said it was a wonderful day. It was everything she dreamed it would be and it was heart wrenching. She told me about how they live in a one room house and we looked at the pictures and I thought about how I shut my doors at night and lock them but they do not have doors to lock. I thought about how hot it was and they had a small fan. How we are so comfortable with all of our "things" that make us comfortable. I cried a lot when Lysa shared with me. I thought of Jazzy's mom and how she wants the same thing for her children as I do mine. That our children will walk in TRUTH. She lives in her one room house and I live on the other side of the world in my house but our hearts are connected because of JESUS.

Lysa and I talk about how we will never be the same. I did not go with her but she allowed me to peek in.  I would wait for her messages and I would wake before dawn and pray. I would spend time in the word praying for Joy, Jazzy, her family and Lysa. She loves the people. She loves the Philippines and wants to go back.

Never would I have imagined when we sponsored our first little child, Ucok from Indonesia that God could change our hearts so very much.  A little 12 year old girl name Alyssa met some choir children from around the world and God broke her heart. She was forever changed.

You can sponsor a child like Jazzy!
Grace~ Teena

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

When She was There and I was Here. Pt. 2

.....  God continued to give me glimpses of His glory when Lysa was in the Philippines last month. I know He gives us glimpses every day.... so I look for them.

Lysa is my youngest daughter and Mandi is the oldest. Two girls.  Mandi traveled to Kenya in 2010. When she was there... God would allow me to peek in and that happened with Lysa too. I am so very grateful as I have never traveled overseas.

When we arrived home after traveling back from the airport....  I found Wyatt in Lysa's room crying. My two youngest boys are very protective, watch out for her even though they are several years younger than her. We talked and I reassured him that God would take care of Lysa. They both wanted to know when she called (from Korea where her lay over would be). I promised to wake them. I then decided to sleep in Lysa's room.  She has a big room with a big window and when the sun comes up in the morning... it shines in. I brought my bible and journal with me....  set my phone on the loudest setting so I could hear it when she called. I was thinking it would be between 3:30-4:30am.  A few minutes later ... here come the boys with their mattresses! So we all camped out in Lysa's room. 
On this picture she said "Hi, Korea, it was fun chasing the sunset to get to you!"

At 3:42am my phone rang.... and she had arrived in Korea! It was so good to hear her voice. The boys woke up and said "Is that her? Is she ok?" Once I told them she was fine.... they fell back to sleep! Lysa and I talked for several minutes and reassured me she would call once she arrived in Cebu City in the Philippines.

A few minutes later my phone beeped and she had sent me a facebook msg. She informed me that the airport in Korea had wifi! How cool is that?  So while she waited for her connecting flight, we chatted. It was off/on for a couple hours! Yes, but this is a once in a lifetime thing. My daughter is on the other side of the world and technology allows us to send msgs back and forth.

Oh did I say that she had yet to see the sunset. She boarded in Atlanta at 12:30pm and when she arrived in Soeul, Korea it was almost 5pm there (15 hrs later). 

As we were talking and she send this picture to me.
.... and said "Finally, a sunset!"

Within an hour I sent her this picture
.... and she replied "awe, because it left me!"

How amazing is our God that my daughter watched the sunset on the other side of the world and within an hour I watched it rise.... and we were both on technology talking to one another!

He's got the whole world in His hands!

I will be sharing more of Lysa's trip. How she met her sponsored child and so much more!

Sponsor a child... change a life forever.
Grace~ Teena

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When She was There and I was Here.

Four weeks ago my daughter, Alyssa flew to the Philippines. She has prayed since she was 12 that God would make a way for her to be able to visit the Philippines!  She was going to visit friends that she had met through a children's choir and to visit her sponsored child.

Did I tell you she had never flown before?

It was a long flight. From Atlanta to Soeul, Korea.... then on to Cebu City, Philippines. The boys and I took her to the airport. She flew out of the International Terminal and we were able to see her plane and it take off!

We all cried when we said goodbye before she went through security. Even Wes & Wyatt. I think we  were all just very nervous about her flying alone. She promised to call when she landed in Korea. That would be about 4am our time.

After we saw her plane take off we left the airport. We were all sad but excited for her.....

On the way home we stopped at High Falls State Park and spent some time there. It was beautiful and just what we needed. The boys hiked and played on the rocks and I sat and thought and prayed for her safety.

As we were driving home the sun was setting and I knew that these next couple weeks would be... so about Him. That He was about to let me see His hand at work in ways I never imagined.

Pt 2 of "When She was Ther and I was Here" soon.

Grace~ Teena