Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Our Road Trip 2017 pt. 1

So, I think the highlight of our summer will be something I have dreamt about for years, talked about for years and never thought it could happen.... for years.

Lysa & I have talked about a road trip to California for years. Visiting landmarks and friends along the way. Time gets away.... we can never cut out enough time and then it doesn't happen. This year while we were at the beach I mentioned it to my oldest son, Michael. He said "mom, you should go... just do it... what is stopping you?"

Our California dream trip DID NOT happen but a mini road trip did.

On May 26, 2017 my three musketeers and I loaded up and headed West.  Have you ever seen the movie "Elizabethtown?"  That movie inspired me through the years.  Here is a clip...

So, I made our own road trip book......

It was one of the coolest things we have ever done. I know that I will remember it forever! 1706 miles in 5 days! Six states! We really just made a circle....  but it was so fun!

My dad loves country music and Lysa has begged me for over two years to go to Memphis. She visited Memphis with our youth group and knew we would love it. This year is 10 yrs since my dad went to be with Jesus. What a great way to honor him....  he loved Elvis, Johnny Cash, George Jones, and all the old country.

But, wait I'm getting ahead of myself.  So, we wanted to attended the high school graduation of one of Lysa's friends that moved away two years ago. That would be the event that started the ball rolling for us to consider a road trip.
On the way to Hannah's graduation we had to go through Alabama .... Dothan.  Well, that IS the peanut capital of the world...  Mandi lived near there when she attended Baptist College of Florida. So, I decided we would have a scavenger hunt for the peanuts! Confused? You will understand when you see the pictures below!

After our peanut scavenger hunt we went on to Hannah's graduation (Florida~pan handle).

On Saturday the 27th we headed to Destin (an hour away) cause you can't be THAT close and not stop by Destin!

After a few hours on the beach..... we headed to Alabama to see our oldest daughter, Mandi.

We had a wonderful time.... later that night we drove to Birmingham ..... 

That was probably the hardest of the trip.....  we left Mandi's at 10:30pm and it took us 2 hrs to get to Birmingham.  Not too hard but a little.... 

On Sunday morning we drove towards Memphis. It was wonderful .... 

We stopped by The Natural Bridge....

After that we headed on to Memphis.....

It was so fun in Memphis. We spent the night and saw lots of sights the next morning before heading toward Nashville. 

We found the first house that Elvis bought. He bought it May 29, 1956 and we were standing there on May 29, 2017. How cool is that? 
I cried a little.....  thinking of my dad and how I never really thought I would be able to do a road trip with my kiddos. I will share in part 2... how we did it on a budget! 

Dyers is a hamburger place on Beale St. It is known for its 100 year old grease! Yes, I have heard that when they move it.... they have armed guards! 
So, I will end this post... with us skimming roads on the Mississippi River....  and in part 2 ~I will continue on with our road trip. 

Thanks for taking the time to read. Blogging helps me to journal and document the memories. I am thankful for the ones that still stop by. 

Part 2 coming soon.


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Our 27th Year of Homeschooling Starts Soon!

I can remember the years of home schooling with an infant and a toddler in the house....  I can remember home schooling 5 at the same time.....  I can remember when Wyatt ate all our erasers off our pencils. I can remember having circle time....   the littles sat on a mat/blanket with quiet toys while we had our devotion time in the mornings.  I can remember all the picnics in our woods.... all our nature walks....

but.... this year 2017-2018 I have two high school students. I am close to retirement.....  and I have truly loved this home schooling journey....   and I'm a bit sad to see it coming close to an end.

High school isn't my favorite. I do not like the higher math or science.  I love reading to them and this isn't happening much..... some but not much.

Wyatt will be 10th and Wesley will be 9th. Alyssa will return to Johnson University for her sophomore year. Dakota lives in Jacksonville... and is an accountant.  Mandi lives in Alabama and will be married in November.  Michael lives in Orlando and is a worship pastor...  he and his wife have my first and only (so far) grandchild, Lincoln.

The years pass so quickly. 27 years of home schooling.  So very thankful that God allowed me this gift of teaching them at home. I love every minute of it.  It has lots of challenges and we have shed tears over math.....  and reading....  and life.

but.... I wouldn't change it.   We've had obstacles.....   living on one income...  and also dealing with mental illness as my husband struggles daily with agoraphobia. God is bigger than all that... and sometimes I would have to preach that to myself.  He is sovereign and in control....

Billy (my husband of almost 37 years) have always agreed to home schooling ... and a large family. He always helped with our babies....  changing and cuddling them.  He has always left the schooling up to me.

I have tweaked it lots through the years.  Michael, Mandi & Dakota were taught more "school at home" ~ but you know....  all went to college... they all learned.  Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley were/are taught more Charlotte Mason~ living books....   I have truly loved this way best...  but whatever you choose... tweak it to work for YOUR family.  This is YOUR journey.   This is MY journey.

I saw a lifetime friend of mine today. Had lunch with her....  one of the things that she kept saying to me is "I'm so glad that you have been able to let that go....  I can remember when xyz stressed/upset you but now I am thrilled you have learned to let it go."  

I think it comes with age.

This is a random, ramble post.

I do believe I am called to encourage moms in the area of home schooling....

breathe in these days.... for they will soon be gone. Make a memory every day....  hug them, tell them how proud of them you are....  how thankful you are to be their mom.

Love you guys!


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Student Life Camp 2017

As summer comes closing in..... well, we still have some time. We will not start school till August 21st.  But, I think back on all our summer memories... now to be cherished forever.

We saw the sunrise several times this summer..... most of those times were at the beach.  We saw lots of sunsets.....  we laughed together. My word for this year is LAUGH.  I love how God continues to remind me.....   of that word. We have LAUGHED....

My two youngest and I went to Student Life Camp at Daytona Beach about two weeks ago. It. was. amazing.  I can't say enough about it.  I am so thankful for this time with my boys and me. We walked and walked and jumped, sang, worshipped, and felt the presence of our God. Rend Collective, Crowder Music and Trip Lee led us in worship all week and every morning we would listen to Robby Gality and every evening we would listen to David Platt.  The theme for the week was The Word. David Platt taught/preached from the Word and showed us just how very important The Word is.

Student Life partners with Compassion International. We were so very excited to meet Emmanuel. Emmanuel is a Compassion graduate. We met, visited and loved on him. Emmanuel is from Kenya. On our last night we brought him some snacks (his favorites) and I had written him a long letter. Later he sent me fb msg sharing about how he missed his sponsor's letters. I love sponsorship. It changes lives. Emmanuel is a part of our family now. 

90 children were released from poverty in Jesus name. So very thankful. Seeing and hearing Emmanuel share how sponsorship forever changed his life was wonderful. God is faithful. I am so very thankful for how God has changed our life through Compassion International.

It was a fantastic week.  So very thankful for camp with my boys.

God is faithful.
Grace~ Teena

Friday, July 14, 2017

How can He be 14?

Our youngest of 6 turns 14 today. I'm a bit emotional. I didn't think I would be.....
but I am.

He was born 17 months after Wyatt. It was my best pregnancy. I only gained 18lbs (I was still nursing Wyatt) but better than that.... I wasn't sick! Anyway, this is about Wesley not me.  Funny how we always tell our birth stories. Get a bunch of woman together ... and boom.... birth stories. I don't mind I love it.

Wesley was my 6th c-section and I was almost 42. He wasn't a surprise. We were hoping for another....   maybe not that soon but God knows better and I am so thankful they are 17 months apart.
Wesley has really went through a growth spurt this year....  he has lost 20lbs and grown several inches. Looking at pics from last year till now ..... WOW..

Wesley loves sports, he plays the drums and recently started playing for our church on the worship team, he loves bulldogs....   the Georgia Bulldogs but also English bulldogs and french bulldogs. He loves to surf, and skim board.... oh and skateboard.

He is a good young man. He looks out for me....   doesn't mind cooking or cleaning up. Helps out a lot.

I know it will not be long till Wes is grown and gone.  I have the legacy app on my phone and it tells me how many weeks, days, minutes left till he graduates.  Our associate pastor does the marbles....

You have approximately 936 weeks from the day a child is born until he or she graduates from high school, —and the weeks move quickly. Filled with approximately 1,000 marbles, the Legacy Marble Jar serves as a visual reminder that will help parents play for keeps. Because when you see how much time you have left, you tend to do more with the time you have now.

So my marbles with Wesley  are disappearing......   213 weeks, 1488 days, 35,723 hours.....  you get the picture.  Time flies. 

So very thankful for our Wesley! Happy Birthday, Wes!