Sunday, January 07, 2018

My Word for 2018

Simple. Simply. Simplify.

in a plain way 
in a sincere and direct way
in a clear way

alone, exclusively, just, onlypurely, solely

One thing that sticks out to me is a quote I heard once that said ~


I love that quote. 

The word Simple kept coming to me and for the past several months life has been everything but simple.  Nothing major has happened. I think it is mostly in my mind. Everything seems so complicated. Does that make sense?  

  I have been-  Less time in the word. Less time resting and renewing. More time with noise and busy-ness. 

SIMPLE.  Keep it simple. Live life simple. Less stuff, less things, less chaos. 

But how do I do that? 

More time in the word. More time being still. 

I always believe this is the WAY God is giving me this WORD.  He always shows me other ways or a totally different way He wants to use that word- SIMPLE in my life. 

Do you have a word for 2018? 

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile. We have serious computer problems at our house. So, when Lysa comes home to visit ... I always use her mac.

I was a little sad last night. Realizing I didn't blog a final time in 2017. I'm struggling with saying goodbye to 2017. I really have no choice... so of course, I will....  but, I'm struggling.  This year has brought lots more emotions. It is really strange. I think because I am getting older (56) and my children are almost all grown....  I am realizing that ... life continues to change and I am not always good with change. As all the children except Lysa said bye on Wednesday....  and Lincoln crying for me as they put him in his carseat....  my heart felt like it would explode. My 4 adult children live in other states.  Mike, Amber & Lincoln in Orlando, Florida,  Dakota & Alex in Jacksonville, Florida, Lysa in college in Kississimmee, Florida, Mandi & Andrew in Montgomery, Alabama. My children only see everyone all together at Christmas.   This struck me hard this year. I find myself wondering if when Billy and I are gone... will they still get together?  Will they call and check on one another?

All three of my adult children are married now!

                                                 Dakota & Alex ~ October 28, 2017

Mandi & Andrew ~ Nov. 1, 2017

Mike & Amber celebrated 10 years of marriage.

So, lots of changes.... but good changes....  and I know it's life. I know that I can share here. It helps to sort through my emotions by writing them out. I always want to share our memories. I wasn't very consistent with that this year....  mostly because of our computer issues. 

My original half dozen (more adult then kids)

All of us except my sister and Dakota's wife, Alex.

I'm thankful for family & friends. Thankful you still stop by. Happy New Year to you and your family!

~grace & peace

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Advent 2017

Love this poem by Ann Voskamp.

‘Twas the night before Advent
When all through God’s House
Not a heart wasn’t stirring, not a heart wasn’t roused.
His people wrapped around His Word with awe,
Awaiting wonders & the fresh grace of God.

 The children were anxious for His Story to start,
these Visions of love dancing loud in their hearts.
And God in His glory, & us, in Jesus Christ,
settled only for a Christmas all about Christ.

When out on the streets, the frenzy came with a clatter,
In hearts, Joy sprang up, centred on Who matters.
Away from the stresses, we flew like a prayer,
Simply opened our hands & made room to prepare.

For the Light of the World to warm every dark space,
a lustre of hope cupped in every cold place
Till what to our wandering hearts should appear,
Murmurings of a King and Love drawing near.

In a Book of Old Pages, so Living & True,
you can hear Jesus whisper, I’m coming for You.
Through Every Story, The King fiercely came,
And He beckons you, woos you, and calls you by name!

“You’re Beloved! You’re Chosen! You’re God’s Special Child!
You’re Wanted! Draw Nearer! Experience the King’s Smile!”

From Creation’s first star to manger’s bright light,
Unwrap His Love Story till He holds you Christmas night
He spoke all Love’s Word, then became Word in the Skin
And filled every heart that would welcome Him in

And laying Himself down into manger’s straw,
He’s Your Immanuel, With Us is God.
Advent unwraps wonder, the greatest gift ever dreamed,
so come let’s adore Him, the One who redeemed
all the willing and wanting with this Advent Awe,
a sacred, slow Unwrapping of a season of God. .

~ @annvoskamp
The Whole FREE “Night Before Advent” Printable Kit:

Advent starts December 1st. We will do The Wonder of the Greatest Gift.

Advent is my favorite thing about Christmas/Winter.

What are your plans for Advent- preparing for His coming?

Grace~ Teena

Friday, October 20, 2017

Road Trip Part 2~ How to Road Trip on a Budget.

I think the highlight of our summer was our road trip. The boys and I went to Student Life Camp together and that was great.... and Lysa went to the Domician Republic and that was great.... but what we did together.....  I have heard her say.....  "and we went on a road trip!" Like I said before it was a dream of ours to go....  I am so very thankful I just made myself do it!

After Memphis we drove towards Nashville. We had never been to Nashville and we were not sure if we would go all the way to Nashville or just go to Chattanooga before heading home.  We listened to lots of Elvis and Johnny Cash.....  and lots of Elton John. We sang along and laughed....  the boys played cards....  I taught them how to play rummy. Told them about their grandparents playing every Friday night with my aunt & uncle.

As we grew closer to Nashville.... I decided.... well, if we are this close we might as well stop by. We weren't planning to spend the night there... so we would drive to Chattanooga after Nashville.  It was ONLY 134 miles from Nashville to Chattanooga.... so why not? 
It was almost sunset when we arrived in Nashville and it was Memorial Day.... so we just looked around. 
It was so neat walking around the Grand 'Ole Opry. We went into the gift shop and bought sovenirs.

I remember we drove up on the Stanley Cup. We didn't know that Nashville was in the Stanley Cup finals! 

After a couple hours.... we headed South.... to Chattanooga, TN!
On Tuesday morning we went to Rock City. Billy, me, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Lysa and Wyatt went in 2002.... before Wes was born and Wyatt was only 8 months and Lysa was 5. So, they were excited1

The weather was perfect and it was so peaceful and not too busy. We loved it.

We spent most of the day there and headed home around 3. We would stop near Atlanta and eat, take a break and not be in rush hour traffic. 
When we pulled into our drive way we had driven 1709.2 miles in 5 days! So very much fun, tiring and more fun! It was quick and we probably shouldn't taken another day....  but,  schedules were busy and this is the time we had. 
All the red dots are where we stopped or started.  Isn't that cool?

So....  tips on road tripping'~  we had snacks, drinks in a cooler and pbj.  We would eat the continental breakfast at the hotels... we would stop and make sandwiches. We ate at the graduation on Friday night and at Mandi's on Saturday night. So our first meal that cost was on Sunday in Memphis! We love to save and not spend frivolously.....  our food cost was under $100 for the 5 days... for 4 of us. My car gets very good gas mileage so when we figured the cost of gas... it was $150. Our biggest expense were the hotels. But....  I hesitate to share....  my kids help. Lysa treated us to one night, the boys helped with another night and I treated to two nights. 

It was a dream come true. I encourage you to "just do it!" Time flies.....  and you will not regret making memories with them! I am so very thankful I just did it. They are a little older so I know this would be hard or not possible with littles. 

Thank you for letting me share. This is a memory I will cherish in my heart forever.