Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Look Who Surprised Us for Thanksgiving!

Lincoln and his Mom and Dad! I knew they were coming but the boys didn't. They facetimed us from down our road. Told us they were going to visit a little farm....  the boys were watching and Wesley said "that's our yard!" They started looking outside and went running out there! Fun times! 

                                               Lincoln, Grandpa & our mini Indy
It was wonderful to wake up every morning with Lincoln here. Lincoln wakes up early! He would come see Nonni every morning!
Lysa came home from college for Thanksgiving.....   we all love spending time with Lincoln! All of our children except Mandi and her fiance were here for Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone will be here for Christmas!
Loved watching him walking all around our little farm. He loved the leaves and seeing all the animals. We raise guinea pigs and I made a little place called "Nonni's Piggy Patch." Lincoln loved feeding the piggies!
Love these guys.
He was the cutest quest at our table!

Grace~ Teena

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  1. How exciting!!! LOVE the pictures & a peek inside your life!