Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Songbird.

So... tomorrow every thing changes....  forever.  My baby girl moves to college. Everything is packed and we will drive away in the morning...  she will be attending a college near Orlando. Lysa will major in inter-culture studies. She is excited and nervous and sad.  I am excited and nervous and SAD.
She is my songbird. My happy child. Always singing, always lighthearted, always JOYFUL.  That doesn't mean she hasn't had hard.....    it is just in her soul. It bubbles out.

We have all said how she is a breath of fresh air.....

so....   I do know this is life, I do know this is the next step. I do know she will do great.....  those are the responses I have received.  I also know this Mama's heart is sad.

We have been together most every day for almost 19 years.  We have shared so very much. So many laughs and tears.....   so many memories.

My sweet, Songbird....  I know it is time for you to fly....  to let others hear you sing... feel your joy and laugh your laughs with you. I know you will do great things and you will put song in them as you be the hands and feet of Jesus.  I will so miss you but I can't keep you here in my nest because you would lose your song.....    you have a beautiful song to show others.  I am honored that I was the first to hold you, love you and do all those things with you.  You will always be the apple of my eye....  my breath of fresh air....   fly high, sweet beautiful, Songbird.  I love you so very much and will see you soon! ~ Mom

Thank you, Jesus for Alyssa. My fourth born, second girl. My heart is so sad and I wonder how I will do this....   but, I know that I know....  God's grace is sufficient.

Lysa, I am so very excited for you! I am just one call away! I love you more.

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Grace~ Teena


  1. the tears are rolling down my face...

  2. Praying for you & your family & knowing that Alyssa will do great things! Love ya! Hugs!

  3. Mom, thank you! Thank you for showing me the love of Jesus and what it looks like to love him. I would not be the person I am without His grace given through you! You made me cry sweet tears. I can't wait to see you! It is going to be wonderful! Love you to forever!

    1. I love you more. It has been 5 months since I wrote this post. I sit here tonight and everyone is asleep and I am missing you. I am so very happy for you and all your friends. I didn't find your comment till months after. You are singing your song to all those you meet. So very proud of you. Thank you for always encouraging me.... one day when you find this comment never forget how very much you showed me HIM. You will always be my songbird.