Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When She was There and I was Here.

Four weeks ago my daughter, Alyssa flew to the Philippines. She has prayed since she was 12 that God would make a way for her to be able to visit the Philippines!  She was going to visit friends that she had met through a children's choir and to visit her sponsored child.

Did I tell you she had never flown before?

It was a long flight. From Atlanta to Soeul, Korea.... then on to Cebu City, Philippines. The boys and I took her to the airport. She flew out of the International Terminal and we were able to see her plane and it take off!

We all cried when we said goodbye before she went through security. Even Wes & Wyatt. I think we  were all just very nervous about her flying alone. She promised to call when she landed in Korea. That would be about 4am our time.

After we saw her plane take off we left the airport. We were all sad but excited for her.....

On the way home we stopped at High Falls State Park and spent some time there. It was beautiful and just what we needed. The boys hiked and played on the rocks and I sat and thought and prayed for her safety.

As we were driving home the sun was setting and I knew that these next couple weeks would be... so about Him. That He was about to let me see His hand at work in ways I never imagined.

Pt 2 of "When She was Ther and I was Here" soon.

Grace~ Teena

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  1. Love this! God is writing His story in Alyssa's life. :)