Friday, December 04, 2015

They do Matter.

Our Compassion children matter to us. Sometimes we get side tracked and forget to write or just forget. That hurts my heart..... but it is the truth.

I can almost promise you.......   they do not forget us.  Ever.

Our letters mean so very much to them. Most of them keep all their letters together and look over them from time to time.....

As the Christmas season is upon us. One day seems to run into the other....   as you slow down to enjoy the season will you take a few minutes and remember.....   write your sponsored child. Tell them how very important they are to you. Pray for them.  Most Compassion children celebrate Christmas.  Not the same way we do with Christmas trees and presents but as the birth of JESUS!

Tell them they do matter!

Much love~

Sponsor a child.... change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena

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