Monday, November 30, 2015


Advent started last night.....  we will start reading our Unwrapping the Greatest Gift tomorrow. I love this time of year. I love Advent.  Several years ago we started doing little "surprises" every day. Simple things that make lifelong memories. I asked the boys if they wanted to shorten it this year to once  week and they said ... NO! They love the surprises too!

We spend less, give more, love all, and worship fully.  At least that is what we try to do. Sometimes life squeezes in and stress comes. Each day His mercies are new and we start again.

Wesley, Wyatt & Lysa are the three that are still at home.  Wesley is 12, Wyatt is 13, and Lysa is 18. This time next year .... Lysa will probably be at college. Time is short and they grow so fast. I have to keep reminding myself this when life presses in.....   I wouldn't change the past 30 years of being a parent. Even the mistakes.

Someone blessed us with this.....  it came in the mail. We are not sure who but we love it! Especially Wyatt!

Do you do Advent?  Ann Voskamp's book "Unwrapping the Greatest Gift" is one of our favorites!

Would love to hear from you.  Hope to be blogging lots more.....    May God prepare your hearts as we prepare for Him.

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Grace~ Teena


  1. We've done something every year for advent, but nothing has really "stuck" with us so each year we seem to try something new.

    Last year we tried Unwrapping the Greatest Gift as a family, but my husband didn't like Ann's writing, so the girls and I just did it on our own. We are doing it again during our school time.

    But as a family we are doing Advent in Narnia (a book I just happened to run across this year) and since we love Narnia, I thought it might be a good fit. We've managed to read it 3 nights in a row so far so we are off to a good start!

    WE don't do daily surprises, but we have the Christmas Angel who leaves little surprised throughout the month (candy canes, hershey kisses, gingerbread houses, starbucks gift cards, etc.) Fun little things to build memories.

    I love what you do....sometimes I wish I lived in your house : )

    1. Awe, JIll, thanks for sharing. I love what you do too! I looked up your Advent in Narnia and got it! Crazy me! We read that in the mornings together during school and then Unwrapping the Greatest Gift at night along with our surprises. Unfortunately, Billy will not do any of it with us. I love your Christmas Angel idea. Will you do a Narnia Night? I am thinking about it. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Narnia. Thanks for sharing!