Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Our Newest Addition! God is Faithful!

My kids rock my world. They amaze me over and over.  Lysa, Wyatt & Wesley are very close. The boys are very protective of Lysa and love her dearly. She is pretty amazing.

We have been involved with Compassion International since 2008 when I sponsored Ucok. Over the years we have added a few.....   Neema (who was our daughter's Mandi's sponsored child), Erik from Bolivia since February of 2012 and we correspond with Betlhem from Ethoipia.

Those sponsored children are under one account ....  mine.  

When Lysa was 13 she sponsored Jazzy Rain from the Philippines. Jazzy was Lysa's ONLY child. She sponsored Jazzy under her name only.  Through the years we have helped Lysa pay for Jazzy and when she could she would help.  She sent birthday money and she is the one that writes all her letters! About a year ago Lysa started babysitting for a family we know, and about 3 months ago she went to work at a friend's shoe store. She only works about 10-15 hrs a week.  Lysa mentioned to me that she wanted to start paying for Jazzy's sponsorship.  We agreed that is what she always hoped to do.

This past Sunday as we were driving to church Lysa mentioned to me that with her work money she believes she has enough to sponsor another child. She told me she was a bit worried because she doesn't know if she has enough "time" to commit to writing another child. You see, Lysa sponsors Jazzy and corresponds with two others Regita & Rachel. She writes all three of them monthly. Wyatt & Wesley were in the back seat and Wyatt said "you could sponsor one for me?!"

Our Wyatt has begged for a child for about 2 yrs.  We have encouraged him to write Erik, Neema and Ucok and he has....   we have encouraged him to  ask Compassion for a correspond child....   but he just kept saying  "I want to sponsor a child, one of my own... my own account."   He has such a tender heart and loves Jesus.

I did not say a word.... when all this was happening in the car.

Lysa said to me, "Mom, this would work! Wyatt has been waiting for a child and I am not sure I would have the time to write.....  so I could just pay for his sponsorship till he is old enough to pay for it."

Wyatt was beyond excited!   His face was so red and he said "OH PLEASE!"

We let it sink in.....    Lysa said she would pray about it and Wyatt was so thrilled I had to remind him not to bug her.

Yesterday I let Wyatt look at all the children waiting to be sponsored. He was sure of what he wanted. An older boy.... around his age....  that had been waiting a LONG time.  We looked at a few and then he said, "Mom, will you put in my birthday and see who comes up?"    We did.


Waiting 330 days. 

Sebastian  (did you know Lysa loves Sebastian from the Little Mermaid!?)

Isn't God great? Wyatt is so very excited....   he is checking the mail every day, deciding what to write and telling me all the stickers and letters he wants to write.  

God is faithful. When I wonder how He will draw my children to Him.... He reminds me that He's got it!

WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY, SEBASTIAN! WE LOVE YOU ALREADY!  (did I mention ... one of Lysa's favorite movies is Little Mermaid! She was thrilled when Wyatt showed her the picture and told her Sebastian was the one he wanted!) 

Sponsor a child... change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena


  1. This is so wonderful!

  2. I love it!! What a blessing! :)

  3. I love true stories. This one is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I am amazed at how helping others is instinctive for your children. I want to remind you that you are the reason they are like that. You are their example. Your actions spoke louder than your words. I'm sure that sometimes you felt unheard. Sometimes it was weary & hard. God has blessed all of those efforts. I am so thankful! It is such an encouragement to witness you reap the JOYful benefits of serving. I feel I am at a different stage of parenting...the stage you have survived in your book. I see how you have not only survived but thrived! I am blessed to know you & "peek" into your heart & life. I leave your blog encouraged as a mother to keep fighting the good fight...that Jesus goes before us to make a way! Love ya!