Monday, February 23, 2015

A Wonderful Gift

My sister lives in Orlando. She is a nurse. Her husband died in 1999. They never had children. Sharon works all the time. She has been talking to me for over a year about us going on a cruise. A Disney Cruise. We have never ever been on a cruise and I never really thought about it. We are a one income family, have half dozen of children and ......  well, you know.

Last fall Sharon told us she wanted to book a cruise for Lysa, Wyatt, Wesley and I. I finally agreed. It was her gift to us.
So, on the 6th of February we boarded the Disney Dream..... the day Wyatt turned 13. It was a three night cruise.
Wyatt & Goofy!
Lysa (top), Wyatt (bottom right) and Wes (back) in their beds. They loved it!

This was Lysa & Wes coming into Castaway Cay~ Disney's private island. Look at the water behind them....
This was the ship....  we had just disembarked in Nassau, Bahamas.
Leaving the Bahamas. Atlantis in the back ground.
beautiful water .... at Castaway Cay.
My view on Castaway Cay.
Minnie at the dance party at Castaway Cay
Wyatt on the beach in the Bahamas
Lysa, Wyatt & Wesley, Nassau ~ 2. 7. 15

I struggled with this a lot.....    I hope it is ok to share here. Sometimes when I share this with friends they look at me like I am ungrateful or crazy.   It was so beautiful. The water and seeing ocean all around....

the blue incredible water coming into the Bahamas.....  
but.....  I struggle because I see a lot of excess.  So much food, everyone having so much....  I do love seeing different places. It is a gift. So I should receive it JOYFULLY.

You know.....   Sharon wants to go again .... THIS SEPTEMBER! Her treat again.  The kids are very excited.   I am looking forward to it.  With my parents gone and Billy's parents gone....  they miss having grandparents... so their Aunt doing this will always always be remembered.

A wonderful gift.

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Grace~ Teena


  1. What an awesome gift this is from your sister!

    Please know that you are not alone in your struggles. I know exactly what you are feeling when you say you struggle with seeing all the excess.

    I do think that feeling this tension is a good thing... a good place to be. :)

  2. P.S. I do think it is possible to JOYFULLY enjoy good gifts, yet still feel the tension/struggle. :)

    1. Aimee, Thank you.... I knew you would understand! So many do not.... Sunday I was mentioning to friends and they kept giving me this blank stare... then I realized that they had a cruise booked! Ugh. My mouth. I was commenting to Jill below and I even thought of you and her while on the cruise. I kept saying.... I should email/chat with them... they will understand! THANK YOU!

  3. I understand the struggle, too...and like Aimee said, the tension is a good thing because it keeps our focus on God. Without the tension, we become blind to the needs of poverty and the sins of excess.

    It's a wonderful gift what you sister has done and is willing to do again. You are blessed!

    1. thank you, Jill. You know when I was on the cruise and kept struggling with this ... I thought I need to talk with Jill & Aimee... they will help me work through this! I knew you both would do so.... THANK YOU!

  4. Such a blessing!!! I am so thankful you all went & shared your pictures! It is all so beautiful!!!