Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tomorrow Starts Lent....

Lent. Tomorrow starts Lent.  I love our Way of the Light Wreath. We do things a little different and always change things up. We always do our Wreath. I have given up/sacrificed things or time in years past.  This year I am not sure what I will do.

Lately, we have had lots of stuff going on. Several deaths of friends...  and even a sweet precious 17 month old little girl who is now in the arms of Jesus.  Friends going through struggles and being available to help when needed.   That's real life.

So, I will pull out our Easter box and decide what we will do this year.  Not overwhelm or make my expectations too high.  My boys are 11 & 13 (Wyatt turned 13 this month!) so if I let them they entertain themselves and have one another....    anyway, we will pick a few things to bring us all together....   for laughs and real moments and to look to our Savior.

We will long for spring .....   wait for the green to pop through the ground.... new life.....  

The forty days of Lent begin on the seventh Wednesday before Easter and run up to Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday), without counting any of the Sundays in between.

Lent  continues to be a time of preparation for Easter. There's nothing magically spiritual about the dates, God is as open and willing to accept you at any other time of the year as He is during Lent. And it is a tradition, not a biblical mandate. But in a world that makes it difficult to focus on God and seek Him with determination, Lent, like Advent, is a natural and obvious time for such a quest~ Arnold Ytreeide

Easter is my favorite time of year. It is less stressful than Christmas. New Life is all around, the trees are all green and the flowers are blooming.....    it is a wonderful, refreshing time of year.

May the JOY of the Lord be yours.....

Sponsor a child~ change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena


  1. Here are a few ideas I've had for this year....

    read through all of New Testament (me) - I found a plan online for the 40 days

    read aloud the four Gospels - again, I found a plan on line

    my girls will read one Gospel themselves (John)

    write out book of John (me) - this will take longer than 40 days

    write out Scripture passages on large pieces of paper to display on our walls (we did Luke 2 for Christmas and I loved it)

    create an Easter music playlist - choose favorite songs that focus on the cross

    create an Easter garden

    Sorry for your losses...so tough! Hope you have a blessed Lenten season, bringing you closer to Jesus.

  2. We have tons going on here...mainly my hubby expanding his shop. My goal is to survive! ;) I will make our usual Easter tomb cookies while we read the passages of the Easter story. We will attend the usual functions. I know what I don't want-I don't want to spend a ton on ourselves for Easter. The older I get, the more frivolous material things seem. Being a close family in love with Jesus is my goal. Maybe my new favorite holiday will be Easter too! :) No shopping, no pressure, just Jesus!