Sunday, February 01, 2015

Beauty All Around~

January in South Georgia is ......  hard.  Maybe not to some who live in extremely cold regions or are use to not seeing the sun shine but here in South Georgia most Januarys are gloomy, rainy, cold and GRAY.   Our winters are short.  One of my uncles lived most of his life in Colorado. He would come to visit in February and complain about the cold! He said the cold here in South Georgia is damp and cuts deep.

My point.....    we are sunshine and warmth people.  We love the beach...  so when January blows in I have to make the effort to see the beauty.   This January we have had LOTS of rain and gray days.

The kids and I went up to Griffin, Georgia to see the Children of the World Choir sing.  It was Friday (23rd)... so we made a field trip out of the day!
We saw old friends and our adopted grandma~  we were able to talk with the children. These were children from the Philippines, Hondorus, Nepal & Uganda. I loved seeing Wyatt & Wesley play games with them.

  Afterward saying goodbye to the children we went to lunch with Mrs. Nancy at the Chic fil A Dwarf House.  It was fun!  Mrs. Nancy is so sweet and loves my children well, it is such a gift to us since all of our grandparents have went to be with Jesus. We said good bye to Mrs. Nancy....  and the kids and I went to Truett's Grille to have dessert. Lots of laughs and a big sugar rush!  On the way home we stopped at High Falls State Park and walked around.... in the rain and cold!

It was a fun day! Memories made......    and now....  January 2015 is just a memory! February is here! Spring is on the way!

May the JOY of the Lord be yours!

Grace~ Teena


  1. What a fun day!! I'm glad you were able to take a day and make some memories.......sometimes those days are exactly what we need to lift our spirits!

  2. Awesome day!!! That park looks amazing! Glad y'all had such fun memories to share!