Monday, January 19, 2015


One of the books I am reading is The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippets. Kara blogs at Mundane Faithfulness.   Kara is dying. Watching her journey and reading her book has helped me so much. I know that may sound morbid but .....   so often I worry or stress over the "small stuff."  Oh it seems big.....    but really....  it is not.
I find myself worrying over bills, school, life....   etc and not living life with JOY.  As I read Kara's words....   all that dims and I hurt for her as she holds on for another week, day, moment with her family.

As life quickly passes us by.....   and my 12 yr old (5th born) will soon turn 13, what the world says is now a  'teenager'.....   I know all too well how fast time goes.  You know what.....   the bills get paid and school gets finished.... or not.   We will never have THIS day again.....  

So today....  this week, this year.....   I am CHOOSING JOY.  I am smiling more, complaining less, laughing more, hugging more, and just breathing deep.

As I am growing older and this year I will turn 54.....   my youngest will turn 12 this year.  I only have 6.5 yrs left of home schooling.....     and all of our days are numbered .....   so God already knows the day I will see Him face to face....   oh what a glorious day that will be....   but, I want so desperately to live in the moment.....  with JOY.  

Please pray with me for Kara.  Hop over to her blog and listen to her words...   she is such a gift to me!

Grace~ Teena

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  1. I'll have to check her out! It's so true that in the large scheme of things, our worries are so small. The world will keep spinning...or not & it'll all be over before we know it! It was great to see you the other day! Love ya'll!