Wednesday, March 18, 2015

22 Years Ago Today~

Our third child Dakota Lee joined our family. Where has the time gone?

We already had a boy and a girl.  Family/friends wondered why we would want more?

God sees the bigger picture.

Dakota brought such JOY to our lives. He made us laugh. Michael & Mandi loved being big brother and big sister.

My dad loved him so much. He was his buddy. They hammered nails and fished together. My dad was a wonderful Papa. It was the JOY of his life.

Dakota was home schooled all of his life. He loves music, plays the drums and guitar.
                                                      silly Koda!
                                                          Destin 2014

Dakota will graduate this May with his BA in accounting. We are so proud of him.

Happy Birthday, Dakota!

~Love, Mom

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  1. Happy birthday Dakota! Hope it's a great one!

    Seeing your kids grow up is so unreal to me!!! Life is too short & in such a hurry!