Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beauty in Living and Dying~ Kara Tippetts

Where do I start. This week I have been preoccupied with Kara.

Kara Tippetts.   The author of The Hardest Peace. A little over two months ago I blogged about her, her book and her blog. 

Kara went home to Jesus this past Sunday, March 22, 2015.  I cried. She rocked my world. Watching her live life with beauty and die with grace.....   made such an impression/impact on me that I never ever  want it to go away!  My heart is sad as she has left this world..... her husband and her four beautiful, young children.  She is no longer sad... she is rejoicing at His feet.  She is not in pain and she is cancer free!  Kara's words to all of us.....   to me.....   wow.  

One of the things that she said was "I am like a little girl at a birthday party and my father wants me to leave early.... I am pitching a fit because I do not want to leave. I am not afraid of dying, I just do not want to go."  

That is what makes it so hard I think.... for me.... for all who read her words, blog, book, instagram.... how she wanted more days... more time...  we love Kara.  The social media allowing us to reach out and be encouraged and encourage back....  I am so much richer because of Kara's love for Jesus....  

Ann Voskamp shared about Kara....

Kara sang with her babies and loved them large and relentlessly beyond the limits of herself, and was present and insisted that suffering didn’t mean the absence of goodness but rather the presence of God, and she fought to stay tender and keep a soft heart and let the echo of her laughter live long in all their souls….

Thank you, Kara for allowing us to peek in and watch your journey ......   to walk along side you, to be your friend, to pray to the Father on your behalf.....  oh what a wonderful gift.  You asked us to continue to pray.....  not for just now....   but for forever for Jason, Eleanor, Harper, Lake & Story. Kara, it will be an honor.  

Even as my heart hurts.... I am rejoicing because Kara is dancing with Jesus. Will you pray too, for her husband and children?

Thank you, Jesus for Kara Tippetts.

Grace~ Teena

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  1. Her story has touched my life along with countless others. I will definitely be praying for her loved ones here. I am deeply touched by her life...even from so far away. She left with grace.