Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Weather Outside is Frightful..... Not Really.....

The weather here has been incredibly cold for the past week. I know that most of you have months of snow and ice.....  but here in South Georgia we hardly ever have snow (last time was 2010) and when the temps drop into the teens....  we are very very cold.

Years ago a friend of ours put out sprinklers and made a winter wonderland so we have tried to do that when it drops belong freezing.   This week we had fun.....  even if it was 15 with windchill at 8.  Wow!

Our home is not very insulated and it was so cold. The boys pulled the mattresses off the bed and slept for two nights in the living room ... by the fire place. It is now a great memory....  

The weather is warming up today. High today is 51, tomorrow is low 60's and on Friday almost 70. Crazy....  15 Tuesday morning and 70 on Friday. I love looking at all the snow pictures of my friends in Canada, Colorado, Indiana, Oklahoma.....  beautiful. 

Hope you are enjoying your week!

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Grace~ Teena

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