Monday, January 06, 2014

Seeing His Gifts Everywhere....

As I have shared before..... we do Black Friday a bit differently.  This past Black Friday we went to our usual place and did a little shopping. We do not fight crowds. We end up at Lifeway ...  picking up Jesus Story Book Bibles ....  and other sale items. Lysa wasn't feeling well so we decided to take a detour....  and go see the place her oldest brother was married at six years earlier. Then we walked up the street to look at the beautiful St. Joseph's Catholic church.

Six years ago.....  she walked down... as the flower girl....
I was raised catholic ...  my mom was from Rhode Island, Italian and catholic.

The Monday before Christmas we went back to Macon with Wyatt & Wesley~ one of our Advent Surprises. Lysa and I wanted to show them the church. We were surprised to see it all decorated!

Such a stunning place. I just wanted to sit there and talk to God. You know we are the church... it is not a building....  God is with us. Seeing this place was such a gift to me ... because I know what I know....  and I want to praise Him and see His gifts everywhere... 

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Grace~ Teena

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Never been to the Catholic church in Macon. I didn't realize it was so amazing!!! Thanks for sharing :)