Monday, January 13, 2014

His Word for 2014

Each year the children and I memorize a long passage of scripture. For several years now we have memorized verses that Ann Voskamp has compiled together....  

In 2013~ the Romans project

In 2012~ the Sermon on the Mount

In 2011~ the Colossians project

and this year it is

The Jesus Project.  #theJesusproject.

From Ann's blog:

Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us: The Jesus Project. We’d memorize the Soul Sustaining Words of Jesus. From the Gospel of John.
We’d start with just 24 verses (or you could choose just 12 of the 24) — all that would be rendered artistically, to make us see Beautiful in the Words of God. It would sort of be like this —  ”More Than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints… 24 verses that would chronologically unpack across the Gospel of John. We’ll memorize at least one verse from every chapter in the Gospel of John. Sometimes several verses from each chapter.
Over the year, we’ll offer another free download of “More Than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints. Or maybe two sets,  offered later in the year? So the community could memorize 1 set of 24 verses… or 2 sets — 48 verses from the Gospel of John. Or 3 sets — 72 verses? All The Beautiful Words of Jesus…
This works for us. Remember we are FREE in Jesus and this may not work for everyone but that is O.K.  For so many years I was enslaved to "I have to do this, or I have to do that,"  and when I didn't I thought....  "I failed, I failed, I failed."  

That is not how this life of LOVING Jesus is about.

Let me tell you a secret.....  

we didn't finish the Roman's Project......    oh and the kids did well but they lost me after ....  are you ready.....    only about 10 verses.....  

same thing with the Sermon on the Mount.....  

oh, and Colossians too......

"I failed, I failed, I failed...."    

That is not how this life of LOVING Jesus is about......

It's about GRACE.....   His grace.  Loving Jesus and loving others.  One of the reason I am excited about memorizing John.  Jesus' words.....  sustaining words. It isn't about memorization all the verses but about HIS WORD IN US. Sustaining us. Sustaining me.

The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not over come it.

Sponsor a child today, change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena


  1. So thankful that you share your heart! It isn't about how much we accomplish! It's about getting up & trying (again & again)! Those are great ideas to learn scripture!

  2. I failed to complete both of those two Teena, but it's just as you've said. Every word we hide in our hearts is a gem. Let's just keep finding treasure!