Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All Around Me.

Not sure this happens to you....  but it does to me ... over and over again. After deciding on my word for each year.... it seems I am constantly seeing my word everywhere!  It happened over and over with each one of my words.  It is like God brings THAT WORD more in my path, songs, readings then I ever noticed before.

As I was reading over some blog posts I came across this.....

Isn't that so true......  

Hope isn't about knowing how things will come about.....

I think about the words of "In Christ Alone."

My Hope is built on nothing less ..... than Jesus blood and righteousness.....  

Counting His gifts..... even the hard eucharisteo .... brings HOPE.  brings JOY.  brings PEACE. 

Grace~ Teena
Change a life forever!


  1. What true words! Have you heard Allison Guthrie's song-"Faith gives you HOPE, HOPE gives you strength, Strength gives you courage to go on each day! So when you're praying for answers to things you can't change, when it's out of your hands, hold on to faith." It's on her 2nd cd. It's beautiful and HOPE!

    1. I haven't heard it .... will have to get it from Mary! Thanks!

      Love you.