Saturday, September 07, 2013

Things Keep Changing.... Even When You are not Ready.

This Saturday in September is unusually hot.  I think our normal hot, hot August heat decided to hide until this month!

So I sit here with my laptop and the house is very quiet. My two youngest boys are at their friends house....  and Lysa is at her friends house. Dakota is back at Valdosta State, Mandi is living about an hour away.... and Mike & Amber live in another state...    I know most of you know all this but I think I just need to type it out.

Time doesn't stop ....  and Life continue to change.....

this morning I was reading over at Ann's...   she seems to speak to right where I am at.  Her oldest is leaving for college....   she wants to hang on to every moment, enjoy the kids, laugh....  count grace gifts....  

I read her blog post for today.....    my heart overflowing ...   and then went to her related blog post from back in May. I missed that one back then...  

I needed it TODAY. 

I thought there’d always be sand and Tonkas and footed pajamas, and always a place at the table and their shoes at the back door. I thought there’d always be stacks of picture books and read alouds and legos everywhere. I thought we’d defy time, that they’d grow up and stay little, that we’d have our cake and eat it too and we’d have it all.

You can cut umbilical cords but you can’t cut heart strings.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
 ~Dr. Suess (via Ann Voskamp) 

As I was typing this post... I received a message from my first cousin. My uncle (my dad's younger brother) who lives in Colorado isn't doing well. He is 86. He is the last living brother.  My Dad & him were two years apart.  A lot like Wyatt & Wesley (17 months apart). He visited here in March...   we all spent time with him. He told me stories about my Dad and him when they were young....    

So thankful for the time we had....  praying for him. 

The best way to prepare for what’s ahead is to be present to what is now. 
~ Ann Voskamp 

Grace~ Teena


  1. I'm with you Teena - learning to practice living in the moment. Every season of life has its changes, and I'm not very good with change. For me it is aging parents and grandchildren who are growing so quickly. Two are off to college this year and I can't quite keep up with the speedy passage of time.
    This was so sweet and timely. Thank you.

    1. Oh yes, Linda, I am not good with change either!! Praying for you...

      Letting His peace wash over me and resting in Him


  2. O my! What touching words! Right now I do have Tonkas, books, footed PJs, too many shoes left by the back door & toys sad that this time will fly by. You know mine are all still so little. My Kaley is almost 11 but still plays so hard. We haven't reached the age of cell phones, internet usage, texting, driving, growing wings, etc. I pray I will cherish & fully live in each moment. I love them so much I could just cry tears to think of the 11 years that have already left never to return again. I know this is God's plan & it'll be full of future blessings!

    1. Yes, Laurie it will... I love every season... Watching them... But lately as three are adults and Lysa not far off.... Has really made me realize to live fully in the moment. To stress less and laugh more. It shocks me the little things they remember! Hugs