Thursday, September 05, 2013

How He Rescued Me..... in His Time and His Way.

 This video is the testimony of a person that heard about counting and sent this to Ann Voskamp.  She has taught so many of us how to count. How to really live.

This fall I will be leading a small group of women at our church. We will be doing Ann Voskamp's dvd study "One Thousand Gifts."   Through her words  I see life differently.  I see God. I see His glory.  Will you pray for me as I lead these women.

My own testimony is I started counting in 2007.  During that time I was also crying out to God for a certain sustaining longing.  I was asking Him to rescue me. Little did I know He was doing just that. It was slow at first....   but I continued on.  Over the past five to six years by counting my gifts God has truly rescued me.  Not the way I thought  but His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. Sometimes it is still very hard. My situation hasn't changed.... much but the way I see it has.

Giving thanks. Counting gifts.... seeing all that HE has for me....

Grace. Thanksgiving. Joy.

Be the gift..... sponsor a child today!


  1. What an awesome video! Counting gifts has truly been a gift to me~one I didn't even realize I alone possessed the ability to do. It blesses me & hopefully pours onto others around me. I appreciate you encouraging others to count too!

  2. Exciting! Your new Bible Study group sounds like it will be awesome. Thanks for sharing your testimony... so awesome that even though God chose not to change your situation, He has so graciously gifted you with a new way of seeing it. Love you, friend! Your life is a testimony.