Monday, September 02, 2013

Seize the Last of Summer~

It's been a great weekend. Loud and crazy at times but .....   wonderful. With a big family someone is always missing. I always think of the ones who are not here enjoy the ones who are here!  In 2013 ALL of us have been together ONCE.  Like I said ....  it isn't often.  We hope to all be together for Christmas.

My sister came up from Orlando to visit. She too, doesn't visit often.  The last time was Christmas of 2011. We do stay with her when we go down to Orlando several times a year.

Dakota is home for the long weekend! He leaves later today ....  he is doing great, we miss him lots! We went to the lake on Saturday. Lots of laughs! Can you believe my sister and I rode on the tube~no pictures of that!

Sieze the last of Summer....   probably our last trip to the lake.

For Lysa's birthday I made her a book with letters from her friends and family. She loved it.
So very thankful for a great weekend.....   so thankful for my children. Watching them grow...  warms my heart...

Happy Labor Day!

Sponsor a child today~ change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena


  1. We are starting school today - we had a fun filled weekend. Went to the coast on Saturday and it was gorgeous (it's rarely nice, sunny and warm there) and then yesterday we went white water rafting!

  2. Looks like great fun!

  3. Since this weekend called for t-storms, we didn't do much outside. Though my dad and his friend went fishing on the lake. We went tubing last Sunday though, and that is always so much fun! It looks like you guys had fun too :) Hope you can all be together for Christmas, it would be such a blessing!