Thursday, September 19, 2013


I just love how God connects the dots....  He lets me know that He's got this....  and He continues to show me how to *see* life.....

As I shared with you about our dgroup being One Thousand Gifts ...   the dvd study started Monday night~ keep praying I am very excited and nervous!

This past Saturday, a good friend and I went to the Living Proof Simulcast.  We found out (at the last minute) that it was at a church about 30 minutes from my house.  I just love how God ties it all together, cares about the little things.... and shows Himself and all His glory to us!

Beth Moore is amazing....   I have heard her several times, been involved through the years in her bible studies.  I almost didn't go....    but.....  we did!  Guess what her theme was?

GRACE!  Oh yes,  I know grace is so common but with me starting this d group about Counting our gifts and God's grace....    I was like "For real, God?"   My heart smiled. Some of the things she shared I want to share with you.

"Nothing better than grace has ever happened in your life." #LProof13

  • Grace treats us like we already are what we fear we'll never become. - #LProof13

    When Jesus calls us our on our sin, He always gives us the grace to deal with it. #LProof13

    Grace is the stamp that says "Ransomed" on a life that screams "Ruined." #LProof13

    The Law is behavior. Grace is beholding. #LProof13 

    God has truly worked in my life with this GRACE....   its so different then just salvation grace...    Beth talked about so many woman are under grace with their salvation but for the rest of their lives live under the law....    

    then....  this week....   a hard week. A horse down, car in the shop...  this and that...  seems so many little things going "wrong"   I find THIS new song by Matt Redman over at Ann's place.  God brings it back around.  His grace is enough.  Always enough.  Counting my grace gifts ...   changes seeing it all "wrong" and seeing the gifts. 

Grace~ Teena

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  1. I love hearing how God speaks to others. Thanks for sharing and rest in God's grace this weekend.