Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Choosing JOY~

It's been two years (yesterday) that Sara went to be with JESUS.  I still think of her often. I have never met Sara.... only through reading her blog.  I have *met* some incredible people through this screen. Some may think that is not REAL people but ... to me....  they are SO REAL.

Sara/Gitzengirl spent the last YEARS in her condo can could not leave her home.....   but she Chose JOY and poured into others.... through her screen!  I am so thankful her words touched my life... for she touched my life as she did so many....  

You can hop over to CHOOSE JOY and read a little....  

Fifteen years ago today my grandmother went to be with Jesus. She was such an amazing person. Her husband died when she was 37 (1937). She had 7 living children and the youngest was 2.  The fifth born was my Dad. She was such a testimony to me... one of the first people that made me think about Jesus.  She was 98 when she went to be with Jesus.  I live in the town she lived in....   I think of her often! Lysa and I went by the cemetery the other night and the sun was setting... it was such a nice quiet time of remembering.

We will never pass this way again.....   lately, life has been heavy but  I must Choose Joy and I must give thanks.. for that changes the way I see....  it makes life lighter....  and I can see GOD.

Choose JOY today.....    give thanks.  

Grace~ Teena

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  1. Memories are powerful! They can be a blessing and put things into perspective too. Love ya! Miss ya! Praying this passes & I'll always appreciate how you've encouraged me to choose JOY!