Sunday, September 29, 2013

Give to the Least of These....

I just love hearing from our Compassion kids.   Our latest letter comes from Erik.  Erik is from Bolivia and we have sponsored him since Feb. 2012. Erik will turn 10 on October 1st.

Isn't it truly amazing that we are able to "visit" with someone thousands of miles away...  become connected to them through our love for Jesus and God's command to "give to the least of these" and in return we are the ones who are blessed!

Every letter I receive from him is such a gift to me.   He is so very personal. So special. He always shares about his mom and sister. He tells me to pray for his mom...  how she works so hard to take care of them. I just love his heart!

Also, on Sept 8th we celebrate our sponsored child Neema's birthday! Dakota financially supports her and we write....   she is in Tanzania and lives with her mom and sister Janeth.  On her birthday we celebrate here!

We sang Happy Birthday to Neema! These children are a part of our life. Like I always, always say.... we are changing their life....   and they are changing ours!

Change a life forever... sponsor a child!
Grace~ Teena

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  1. Awesome to read how sponsorship has touched your lives! I'm glad you share about it!