Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Half Way Through.... Where Does The Time Go?

Lately, I have not been blogging much. Really busy this summer plus our internet time is limited. We live in a REAL rural area and dsl is not in our area.  We have made some changes and now have Hughes net. Our time is still limited but it is better.  So hoping to blog more often.

Our third born with be moving to the University in 10 days. Dakota has finished two years at our local college and will move about 2 hrs from home. I am excited for him.... and sad for us.  Lysa and Dakota are very close so I am sad for both of them. He will come home some on the weekends. Life continues to change...   we raise them to become adults that glorify and love God.  I am so thankful for Dakota.... for all of my children.

We will all miss him. So three of our six children are adults, no longer living at home. Time really does go so fast.

Lysa (almost 16), Wyatt (11), Wesley (10), and I will be starting school around the 19th of August. I have been looking online for books. We use Heart of Dakota, Saxon Math (boys), Teaching Textbooks (Lysa), Apologia Sciences. This will be our 23 year of home schooling....  again, so very thankful. Lots of great memories. I love being able to be with my kids and teach them. Through the years we have tweaked things....  changed curriculum, become less strict and text booky... more relaxed, nature walks, read alouds.

I do not share much about home education... it is just part of our life..  lifestyle.  Just thought I would share. I know some of you home school.  For those knew to home schooling... it is a great adventure. Some days you will wonder if you have lost your mind but the more you continue on.....   the rewards are sweet.

Remember, time goes so fast.....    take that walk with them, cuddle up and read a book together, make ice cream sundaes.....     make a memory.

Grace~ Teena


  1. I love apologia science :) Sounds like you guys are having a great summer!!

  2. Such an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing. Homeschooling is my heart of our home!!! This year we plan to be less structured than usual~no videos so pray for us! We plan to be more hands on. This is a huge step for us but always where my desire has been. I am just finally following that dream! Love ya & appreciate your encouragement! Miss y'all too!

  3. that is great, Laurie! Will be praying for you. You will never regret it. You kids will LOVE it. :)