Sunday, August 04, 2013

All The Places... His Beauty Everywhere...

We have really enjoyed our summer.  It hasn't been unbearably hot .... up until the past couple weeks. We have had tons of rain.  The farmers even say it is too much.  So many years in Georgia we have NO rain....   so this summer has been very different.

In May we went to Destin and I have shared here about that over and over.....  it is one of my favorite places!

The middle of July we went to Orlando to visit Mike, Amber and my sister. We stayed several days as we knew this would be the last time Dakota would be able to spend time since he will start his next two years at the University about two hours from home. It was a great trip. My sister planned a special night for Wesley's 10th birthday.

While we were in Orlando we went to New Symrna beach....   Mike & Dakota wanted to surf. While we were there....   a storm came up!

The wind started blowing....  sand was blowing everywhere...   it was amazing to see His wonder all around!

The next day we went to a local spring. I went here a lot when Billy and I were dating....   it is such a peaceful place.

Such great memories made....  so very important to me.  So many gifts. Time is so short. I realize that so many things I do...   are just not important. Time spent with my family and taking time to read, pray, laugh with them....   really does last a lifetime. God has shown me what we are doing now with our children is so very important. It seems like yesterday that Michael was 10th (like Lysa is) and Mandi was 6th (like Wyatt) ....  now they are 28 & 24. I am so very thankful to still have young children in our home. They bring me such JOY.  I am also so very proud of my adult children. They are not perfect but ....   I am so thankful for them.

I have a couple more things to share....   but will save that for another post. Thanks for peeking into our life.

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Grace~ Teena


  1. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy reading about your family! Glad your summer has been so blessed! Miss y'all!

  2. WOW!!! This is beautiful!!! Thanks for your encouraging words. You always build up. You have a beautiful heart and the love for your children is inspiring!!