Wednesday, November 07, 2012

So Easy and Makes such a Big Difference!

We have participated in Operation Christmas child for years. This year we went on line and printed out our label. Samaritan's Purse will track your box/boxes and send you an email and let you know where your shoe box goes!

Wyatt & Wesley will pick boys for their boxes! Probably the 10-14 age.

I love this clip (just over a minute long) of Scotty McCreery giving out shoe boxes in the Dominican Republic.  Very cool.

Thanks for stopping by.....    does your church participate in the OCC?

Sponsor a child today~ change a life forever!


  1. I've participated for years - It's been so long I don't even know how many. I started back in the 90s I think. Anyway, I headed this up at my church last year and it was so successful that we are doing it again. It's nice to be in a church at lets me do things like this! We've been there 2 years now and they are so supportive.

  2. I've done the shoeboxes for several years, and it's always a highlight for me of this season. Last year I had my nephews help pack the boxes, and Jonathan really enjoyed it. This year, tonight actually I decided to buy most of the things needed to pack the with the children and youth at church. Wednesday nights is our children's and youth service. I talked about it a few weeks ago and the kids are excited and bring some things to add to the boxes! I took my nephew's shopping so they could pick out some things for the boxes also! I hope to blog about it soon with pictures :)

  3. Yep, been doing shoeboxes for many years now! Headed it up with our church and our American Heritage Girl troop up until last year. Handed both groups off to others this year. Such a great ministy!

  4. So wonderful! I did this when I was a teenager...forever ago! LOL I need to start things like this at our church in Vidalia!

  5. that would be wonderful, Laurie. YOU would be so good at it. Your girls would love it too!