Thursday, November 08, 2012

What is Poverty?

You know Compassion International has children in 26 countries who are waiting to be sponsored. YOU can pick a country, age, gender, older, younger, special needs.....  

Ghana, Bolivia, Philippines, Togo, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras..... and the list goes on.....

Some of the children have been waiting over six months....  it is very hard for the older children to be sponsored. To be honest....   so many of us pick a child who is young... cute....   and so the older children wait longer....

This is Antonio. He lives in Honduras. He is 13. He lives with his mom and dad. Helps the family by helping in the kitchen. Antonio has been waiting for 250 days. Antonio will turn 14 on December 23rd. What an awesome Christmas present for him.  If you would like to sponsor Antonio click his name and follow the link or leave a comment and I can help you out! Remember with Compassion ...  it is one on one sponsorship. Which means when you sponsor you are their only sponsor. I love this. I love the relationship I have with our sponsored children!  It truly changes  their life and ours!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Please pray for Antonio....  that God would spend him a sponsor this week!

Sponsor a child today!


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Praying right now that God moves in the heart of one of your readers to sponsor him!

  2. husband was signed in for that last comment : )

  3. that is fine, Jill. Many times I have posted on yours as Lysa!


  4. Anonymous3:31 AM

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