Monday, November 05, 2012

The Way I See Life Now.

As I have shared before .... how through the years my life has changed by this thing of "giving thanks"

Ann Voskamp has a new dvd series with study guide. I am very excited. I have already ordered mine and can't wait til it arrives.

Years ago ... I struggled with anger....   with situations in my life, every day struggles, wanting to control, hold on to my rights.... and it sucked every bit of JOY and PEACE out of my life.  As I started to write down my thanks/gifts....  little by little all those things washed away...  It was a process and at times I still fall but the way I see life is so different. It has been 5 years since I started my list....

It has literally changed the way I *see* life. The way I *live* life.

I am so very thankful to Ann. Some may think it strange that I call her by her first name. That I act like she is my friend. Ann and I have not met face to face....  but we are friends. Reading her blog each day....  seeing her heart and how she longs to *give thanks* connects us.

More than Ann.....  I am so thankful to God. 

Gratitude is a memory of God's heart and to thank is to remember God~ Ann Voskamp



  1. I've ordered mine, too. I'm hoping our women's Bible study at church will do this together in 2013.

  2. That is great, Jill! I hope we can get a group together too. Very excited. Thanks for stopping by~


  3. Being thankful certainly changes us...changes our spirit! Love the way you encourage me! :) Thanks!