Thursday, October 11, 2012



Back in October 2010 while Mandi was in Kenya....  she sponsored Neema from Tanzania. This picture was the 2nd pic she received of Neema. Neema was 3 when Mandi sponsored her.

A few weeks ago Mandi told me she wasn't able to keep Neema.... and she was heart broken. I was heart broken too...her hours were cut to part time and she struggled to make her bills.

I shared this with Dakota & Lysa. Dakota does not sponsor ....  Lysa sponsors Jazzy Rain but doesn't work a job.

Dakota is our 19yr old son. He is in his second year of college and works as a delivery guy at a local office supply.  Later that evening.... he came to me and said "We can not let Neema go back... I will pay for her and you and Lysa can write her. Can you call Compassion tomorrow and have her transferred to your account."


Lysa & I have been writing Neema for some time now. She already knows us... and in her last letter she told Mandi to give Lysa and I her love. Compassion was wonderful and within 48 hours Neema showed up on our account!

This is NEEMA .... now.....

Funny....  you know God has a sense of humor. We hand picked Ucok, Jazzy and Erik....  Indonesia, Philippines & Bolivia....  but God hand picked Betlehem, Aster & Neema... all from Africa.

Yesterday I was looking over her letters (Mandi gave all of them to us~ she kept one of her pics) and you remember what my WORD is for 2012....   Remember?
...... GRACE.... 

We tried to find out if Neema meant Grace in Swaili... but one source said it meant "born into prosperity."  

Was God reminding me...  of His grace?

 Only grace.... can move us to a rhythm that will change our ways

Sponsor a child!
Grace~ Teena


  1. Oh how sweet! Isn't it great when our kids know what a blessing it is for our families to invest in the lives of these kids. :)

  2. Such a sweet touching story! I miss seeing Mandi! Please tell her she is in my thoughts & prayers! Love y'all! Laurie

  3. Teena, Neema DOES mean Grace! Swahili is one of the national languages in Kenya and when I was there this summer I picked up a few words, and Neema was one of them. It's pronounced Neh-EHma (I learned that the hard way). I am so excited for you! She looks precious!

  4. Hannah! Thank you! God continues to amazing me! I love when He does it!

    It fills me up! Thank you for sharing!


  5. This is beautiful, Teena! So glad Neema gets to stay with your family. God is good!

  6. Yes, Laurie, we are so happy! God is faithful. My word for 2012 is Grace. God knew that in the month that I turned 51 ... needing much Grace... He would add GRACE (Neema) to our family. :))

    Much love~