Sunday, October 14, 2012

How My Life has Changed....

I have shared with you before how the way we do life is so different than it use to be....  this is so hard to put into words.  God was working even when I did not realize it....  isn't that the way He does it at times?

I started counting gifts, writing down things I am thankful for... way back in 2007. We sponsored our first compassion child in March 2008.  In 2009 we met an International Children's choir. That was three years ago this week~ I believe through these children our Compassion child became REAL.  As we saw/met these children and heard their stories ....  our hearts overflowed with COMPASSION. We wanted to make a difference!  I continued to count my gifts.... even the hard ones. I read David Platt's book Radical.  

My life and our family's life started to look different.

In January/Feb of 2010 I started reading about Kristen Welch planning to go to Kenya. I knew that my oldest daughter, Mandi was planning a mission trip to Kenya later in 2010. Kristen blogged about her trip to Kenya when she returned and told about meeting Maurine. During the summer of 2010... one of Mandi's friends told her about an LDP named Maurine that was speaking at the Student Life camps.

Long story short..... we connected with Maurine and when Mandi flew to Kenya Maurine met Mandi at the airport. It was wonderful and little did I realize then .... how different my life would continue to change....

to be continued.....    part 2 soon....

God has taught me so much..... 

To live simply so others can simply live.

To love deep and reach out to others in need.

To look for ways to serve the weak and poor.

To realize that my *world* is much bigger than the town, state or country I live in.

Real JOY comes from Loving God, Loving others and Living fully~

Change your life forever!
Grace~ Teena

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Teena. God truly is faithful & He truly is always good. Can't wait to read Part 2. :-)