Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Something so small can really be so BIG.

As all of you know I often blog about Compassion International. All of you know how very important it is to me....

This month I am participating in Compassion Blog Month. This is very special to me as the goal is sponsorship...   releasing children from poverty in Jesus name...

As you see the widget in the side bar... let me tell you a little about it.

During September, we will receive assignments and there will be prizes offered. Prizes for blogging, for sending people over to the Compassion site,  the blogger who is able to get the most children sponsored will get a free blogging trip to see and experience Compassion's work in the field.

So you can help me out....  but MORE than that.... you can help change lives!

Are you ready....

Will you take a minute and click HERE and look at the children that are waiting for sponsors. Pick a few names....  write them down and pray for them. Pray for their family, pray that they would find a sponsor.  Alyssa and I did this all through 2011. 

If you do not sponsor but want to learn more about Compassion will you take a minute and click HERE? 

Or if you would be willing to sponsor a child..... and change a life forever would you click HERE

Most of you know that in February of this year.... we sponsored Erik from Bolivia. This picture below is one of the first ones that Kees (our advocate friend, who travels to Bolivia often) sent us. 
I wonder if Erik was praying for a sponsor. You know they do....  

Just a few days ago Kees sent us this one that he took about a month ago..... 
I wonder if Erik is thanking God for being sponsored!

The investment you make ... in the lives of these children will last a lifetime. Something so small can really be so BIG!

Change a life forever~ sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. I love your photos of Erik and your "i wonder if" statements!

    You're awesome Teena!

  2. This is going to be such a fun month blogging for Compassion! Glad you joined in! :)