Saturday, September 01, 2012

He still works miracles!

Remember Maurine from Kenya? The LDP that Mandi met/spent time with while she was in Kenya in 2010?  Maurine who was raised in the slum... one of the largest slums in the world...  who was sponsored at 7 and her life was forever changed?

Well, she is now the exc. director of the Mercy House.  A home for moms/babies. God is faithful...  miracles do happen.  Please take a minute and read this story. It will amaze you. Kristen at We are THAT family blogged about it... Kristen is the founder of Mercy House.

The Mercy House Kenya~ 

Grace~ Teena

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  1. What an incredible story, God is so good, all of the time! I'm also going to participate in Blog Month with Compassion, so I'm making the rounds to check in with everyone! Blessings!