Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still Enjoying our Summer!

We are not planning to start our 22nd year of home schooling til the 20th of August. So for now..... we are just enjoying summer for a bit longer.....
yes...  Wyatt is jumping off the roof!
our Dakota with our youth pastor's son...  baby Noah.
Wyatt with a frog... he has always loved frogs.. not so sure he liked this one!
Lake fun...  time for battle....
As summer of 2012 comes to a close....  so many memories. One of the best summers ever! Live fully.

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Grace~ Teena


  1. We won't be starting school until next week either. Love the picture of your son with your pastor's son! Precious!

  2. I'm always starting late & catching up! I so enjoyed what Mary said at the meeting about "Who are we behind?" It spoke volumes to me! I've really enjoyed reading an encouraging homeschool book I bought from you this summer written by the Boyer's. It has helped to change my perspective! Love ya! Laurie

  3. Enjoy these days Teena, and bless you for the love and time you have poured into your children.