Monday, August 13, 2012

Giving Thanks...

Before I started my thankful list....  after reading how Ann at Holy Experience was counting her gifts....  I struggled with being angry.  Angry at the kids, angry at my sustaining longing, angry at my weight, angry ... angry, angry....   but through the years counting has changed that....   it's been a process.  I truly believe that when we "give thanks" it changes us from the inside out. It changes how we see life, and how we do life.

In the song that I shared with you... Ten Thousand Reasons my favorite verse in that song is this.....

The sun comes up ..its a new day dawning... its time to sing Your song again....
whatever may pass and whatever lies before me..... let me be singing when the evening comes

but then I LOVE this part too! haahahahaahah

Your rich in love and your slow to anger... Your name is great... and Your heart is kind.... for all your goodness I will keep on singing..... TEN THOUSAND REASONS FOR MY HEART TO FIND!

I can not explain to you how "giving thanks" has changed me. In the last few years ... God has been showing me that I need to "give thanks" in the hard things too.

This summer I have fell in love with finding beautiful places....   it is very exciting... it causes me to LOOK for  beautiful places! Like I said it is hard to explain...   but I love it.

I still become angry at times and life is often HARD....  but my way of seeing it has changed and I find myself  singing TEN THOUSAND REASONS for my heart to find!

Change the world for someone today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. I saw your comment on Shaun Groves post re homeschooling, and thought...Yay! Someone else!. Then I read your blog and thought the same all over :) We also have been homeschooling for 22 years, 3 graduates and two to go. I look forward to reading more...getting to know you, so to speak. Thanks for posting

  2. Giving thanks with you, Teena! God truly is always good. :-)

  3. A beautiful testimony to what a grateful heart can do. I love this Teena. It is true - gratitude changes us in ways we could hardly have imagined.

  4. Yes, it does, Linda. It has truly changed my life. Ann's post today... speaks volumes. I have been singing that song for weeks!


  5. Great post! Giving thanks is so important in our lives! I've heard it called "thanks LIVING"! It is a blessing to see it happening in your life! May it be contageous! Love ya! Laurie