Friday, August 17, 2012

This Journey We call Home Schooling~

We will start another year of home schooling Monday. We first started this journey back in 1991. Michael was going into 1st grade and Mandi was about 19 months. Two weeks before we were scheduled to start... our house burned.  It was a major set back. You know ... we just didn't understand ... we were homeless and moved in with my grandmother. August is hot in south Georgia.

Three weeks later we were settled into our new home on five acres of land... and so began our journey of home schooling....

Even when we do not understand... God can turn ashes into beauty....  Romans 8:28~

This August we start our 22nd year...   Michael is now 27 and lives in Orlando with our daughter in law, Amber. Mandi is 23 and lives about an hour away. Dakota is 19 and just started his second year at the local college. So three graduates. If you are new to home schooling...  it does work, you can do this... I wouldn't trade it! Our students this year are Alyssa who is in 9th, Wyatt 5th and Wesley 4th. Sometimes I think about it all....   you know what?

I only have 8 yrs left.  Wow. Where does the time go?  God is faithful. I always wanted to be a mom and a teacher...  He gave me the desires of my heart. Oh it hasn't always been easy... sometimes it has been incredibly hard but His mercy, grace and peace carry me through. I am so grateful to be the mom of half a dozen children!

This is the lifestyle we live. It works for us. If this is your lifestyle too...  I would love to know, if you have just started this journey or not long ago...  be encouraged. Please take a minute and read this post by Shaun Groves...  it really spoke to my heart last night.

"One Reason We Home School."

A few things he said that really touched me....

I wanted to be the primary author of the message she/he would become to the world.

I wanted her to practice- with me- mining the bible, praying her fears and counting the gifts.

I wanted to be the primary influence in her life for just a little while..... 

I wanted him to be the kind of person who would reach down and help someone up.

For us/me... I realize more now (with three graduates) how fast time really does go... and I want to be with them, walking, talking, singing together! I want to talk to them daily about Jesus. I want Him to be SO real to them...  not just something we do on Sundays. I want them to live life fully and to give thanks~ 

I am so thankful for the gift of children.... for the gift of teaching them.... for the gift to daily be with them!

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. We are gearing up to start next week, too. But we will likely start on Wednesday. I want the first week to be fun, fun, fun....set the tone for all of us.

    I'm forwarding this to a friend who is on the fence with homeschooling. I think this will speak to her.

    1. Awww thanks, Jill. Hope she is encouraged! Also, you will do great! They remember the little things.... its the little things that matter!


  2. My daughter-in-law has been homeschooling for the past fifteen years. I am filled with admiration for the work you Moms do. I have seen how the children just blossom and how incredibly well they do.
    Cheering you on Teena. What a precious investment you've made.

    1. Oh, Linda, thank you for your words.... much love!

  3. Hi Teena.

    Love this post! It really shows your heart.

    We don't homeschool. It's not very common where we are. When I read about homeschooling families, I admire your dedication & commitment as I don't even know how I would find the time to homeschool.

    Can't believe another school year is starting again! We're gearing up for it over here too.

  4. Wonderful post!!! Time really does fly by! Please pray for us this year as we welcome #5 as we homeschool! Homeschooling is just a part of my heart! I love your encouragement! :) Love ya, Laurie