Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Missed Secret Church!

 Secret Church Simulcast was on Good Friday. We missed it. I wanted to go so bad. We couldn't find one close. We did find one about 1.5 hrs away. But chose not to go.  I so wish I would of went.  We found out Saturday that a church about 25 miles from us hosted Secret church.  Oh how we would of loved going!

Several people shared tweets on what David Platt shared.  I would like to share a few that I just LOVE...

"Are we just playing games here or is this for REAL?" 
 Is Jesus worth our LIVES?

Wow... huh?  Powerful. I think so often we buy into the lie that if we love Jesus our life will be good, comfortable and happy.  As the years have past I am realizing that suffering is making me into the person that God wants me to be. The refining is never easy.  It is hard to realize that suffering just comes with a life lived for Jesus.

When I talk with Maureen  ....  or others that live in third world countries ...  they do not think this way. They love God no matter their circumstances! They love God through their circumstances.... they love God ... because He is God.

I heard a quote once .... about a missionary who was leaving Uganda to come back to the states. He asked the Ugandan preacher if he could raise his family in America or Uganda what would he choose... and the Ugandan preacher said, "Well, UGANDA...  (the missionary was shocked) because in America you don't need God but in UGANDA He's all we have."     Wow.

Sometimes in America I think we have it all wrong.....

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  1. Our church streams David Platt's Secret Church sometimes. I love it so much! I missed this past one, too :(

  2. Yes I sometimes think that we have it all wrong here in America too. But thank God for people like David Platt, who God is using to open our eyes!

  3. God has surely blessed America for being founded upon His truths! It is sad to see it steadily decline in that respect. Now most just take God for granted...pull Him in on a string when they need Him...sad! :(