Monday, April 16, 2012

In Loving Memory.... Our Dimmy~ 2003-2011

When Mandi went to Kenya ... she met Maureen ... like I shared in my last post.  She was also able to meet Maureen's nephew...  Dimitrius ~ Dimmy for short. As sad as it is.... in Kenya the need for sponsorship is so great that only one child per family is eligible for sponsorship.  Oh how we love Maureen! This pics of her just warm my heart! 

 This is Dimmy when Mandi met him.
This is Dimmy (8yrs old)  when he received a package we mailed to Nairobi, Kenya.
The letter that he wrote in school. Maureen was able to scan it and email to me! I will forever cherish it! 
            you can read Dimmy's story by clicking here or the link above.

When we write our sponsored child... it changes their lives.  We have the chance to give them Hope. My heart still hurts as I miss him.  I am praying for Maureen and her mom & brothers as they remember Dimmy....  today especially.  Three weeks after Dimmy went to be with Jesus...  Dimmy's mom (Maureen's sister) died with malaria. Her name was/is Jacquline... and she and Dimmy matter to God. Dimmy and his mom died of a preventable illnesses... tb and malaria. When you sponsor a child through Compassion International they receive medical care... among so many other things.

So today...  even though it is so hard...   I remember Dimmy.   When I share with others Dimmy is a part of my story.  His life is making a difference for other children who need sponsors!

    We love you, Dimmy!  Auntie Teena, is so thankful that God brought you into our lives and you will always live in our hearts.

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  1. praying for you....
    What a sweet sad story...

    "HUGS" dear friends!!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Teena! Beautiful story... a hard eucharisteo, for sure!

  3. I always enjoy reading your stories! I can remember you blogging about Dimmy & Maureen for over a year...Love ya! Laurie

  4. I've waited to leave a comment - hoping the right words would come but they haven't. I remember when Dimmy died last year and then shortly after when his mom also passed. It's just heartbreaking, but gives meaning to our advocacy work. There are many Dimmy's dying each day and remembering this gives our work an urgency.

    Praying for you and your family as you remember Dimmy today - and also for Maurine as she continues to grieve the loss of her family members.

    Thank you for keeping Dimmy's memory alive by telling his story.

  5. Praying for you as you remember him! What a blessing you were to him and how God used you to brighten his life while he was here on this earth!