Saturday, April 21, 2012

55 Compassion Children Sponsored!

On Saturday the kids and I went to a Newsboys concert at a local theme park. It was my second event to work on behalf of Compassion International. It was a great night! I met several other Compassion volunteers and was able to share my love about Compassion, our sponsored children and what a difference we are making in their lives.

Drum roll please.................................

55 Compassion Children Sponsored!

among those was a precious little girl name Miriam... from Mexico! Beautiful Irene from El Salvador.

When 2012 began my goal was to work three events this year. Next week I hope to work a table at the Jeremy Camp concert. That will be my three.....   as always with Compassion... you give of yourself, your time.. to bless others but always always you are blessed so much more!

To God be the glory....  55 Compassion Children lives will be forever changed. 55 Compassion Children will have Hope.... will know that someone loves them!

Change a life today!


  1. I just love working at events and concerts. It s truly a blessing to be with those who love Compassion and to see how God works to direct hearts to these children! 55 is wonderful!!

  2. I have only worked one event with Compassion, but I love it! I check my account on Compassion a lot to see if there are any events close to me. I can't wait to do it again.

    Yay for 55 sponsored children!

  3. GREAT NEWS!!! Love ya, Laurie