Monday, April 23, 2012

Our First Letter from Erik!

They were so excited!  Wyatt comes running in with the mail!

A letter..... its a letter for "Teena Price!"

"Maybe it is from Erik, Mom!!!!"   Wyatt said.

I said ..... "ok, wait just a minute and we will open it...."

Wyatt... jumping up and down.....  "please, oh please, God, let it be from Erik!"

IT WAS!!!!!!
Such a sweet letter....   it was dated March 20th.  Wow!

Hello, dear: Teena Price
I greet you with the love of our Jesus.
I'm very happy. I'm grateful for your sponsorship, because I will know more about you through your letters and pictures. You are in our prayers. I'm a kind boy. I like to make friends here at the project of Compassion. My best friends' names are "Jherido and Brenda". and I get along with them. I like to play soccer. My tutor's name is Elizabeth, and she is very nice. She teaches me about Jesus. I help my mother at home, and we wash the clothes. I also peel the beans and fry the rice. My favorite is the "Salchipapa (sausage and french fries). My favorite fruits are the banana and the apple. I like to play with my sister. I want you to pray for my family. I live with my mother, and she works every day. I love you so much. Your sponsored child, Erik

Isn't that great!?  I just love the part "I am a kind boy" 
He probably knows by now that Wyatt & Wesley will be writing him.  We have already sent a letter back. Wyatt wrote one and so did Wesley.   Then I wrote a little note at the bottom and so did my husband!
God is so great. He is faithful.

Change the World... one child at a time!


  1. What a great letter! He does indeed sound like a very kind boy. What a sweetheart. I can't wait to hear about the next letter, haha.

  2. How very sweet! My kids get very excited too! My Petal Rose sponsored a child herself this past week, and is beside herself waiting for the packet to arrive.

  3. How exciting! Those Bolivian boys are just precious! I'm sure the girls are too, but I only have a boy to speak of :)

  4. Hi Teena,
    Thanks for stoping by and for your comments. Antonio is from BO561 and Rafael is from BO672. I am on my compassion, if you search Jennifer Baker I should come up twice (one for my us account and one for my Australian account) the account I use is the one with the picture. Feel free to send me a friend request. :)

  5. Yay! Letters are always super exciting, and first letters are ever more exciting. :)

  6. So sweet! Love to hear great news! So glad your boys are touched through this! Love ya! Laurie