Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rain or Shine.... for the least of these....

Last Saturday night Lysa and worked a Jeremy Camp concert. It was at a local stadium. The forecast wasn't good. We stopped by a Dollar store and picked up a poncho and two umbrellas. We were suppose to have 15 volunteers but I think the rain scared them away! So only 5 volunteers showed up to run the table. We recruited Lysa, Claire and Danielle (all teen sponsors who are dear to my heart!) to help with the packet pass.

The Compassion table/booth was under the stadium so we were not in the rain. The rain stopped before the packet pass..... as we started to go to our designated places to do the packet pass... the rain started......... harder and harder....  rain dripping off the packets, my hair, down my face.....   jeans soaking wet...

We were all soaking wet when we went back to the table!  It was a long night.... we arrived home exhausted ... soggy and a little discouraged... out of 3000 people ... 6 children were sponsored.

My third event for 2012. I wanted to work at least three events this year! I met some dear friends, we talked about Compassion, our sponsored children and how we love speaking out on behalf of the children!

We crawled into bed....  about 1:30am....  so tired... but also excited because...  later that morning ... at church Lysa's sweet friend Claire... would be sharing on Compassion Sunday....

yes.....  that is an amazing story.....   can't wait to share with you!

Make a difference forever... sponsor a child today!


  1. How do you find so many events to go to? I check the website all the time and so far, there has only been one event within 100 miles of where I live, and I worked it. I want to work tons more!

  2. Kayla, we've had a slow down of events locally. I check weekly but I haven't had any events show up recently.

    My human side would be very disappointed with a handful of children sponsored from a crowd of that size. However, when I look at it as 5 individual children and families that will be changed, I rejoice.

    Love working events!!

  3. Michelle, not just 5, 6! 6 is totally better than 5!

  4. Aw! That's great! Also, I can't wait to hear what Claire had to say!!! Love ya, Laurie