Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh How He loves us....

On the 22nd of April.... as lots of sponsors/advocates spoke out on behalf children living in poverty....  the day set aside for Compassion Sunday, I was a little discouraged because I have never been able to speak on Compassion Sunday.

Like I shared in my last post...  Claire was interview by the pastor about child sponsorship.

BUT....   that wasn't all....

The church we are visiting have two services.  We arrived early so I could help at the Compassion Sunday table if needed. I helped work behind the table in between the two services and at the end of the morning service!

What surprised me most was that the whole service was centered around Compassion International, child sponsorship and making a difference that will change the story/life!

When we went in this song was playing.....
Then we worshiped in singing .... with Michael W. Smith's song "A New Hallelujah." The whole service was about Compassion and how we need to make a difference in the life of children... not just hear in the states but all over the world. He told how we could change the life of a child living in poverty! The pastor spoke about sponsorship ....

He showed the Compassion Sunday video clip of "Share Your Story."

We sang some more.....

Then he shared "Jimmy meeting his sponsor!"  Oh wow... if you have never watched this ... please take a few minutes and watch!
Wow! Huh?

It amazed me how the WHOLE service was devoted to sharing about Compassion! Claire was interviewed and shared how she sells eggs to pay for her sponsorship of her Channu from India. He asked her how she first heard of sponsorship and what made her want to sponsor? She shared about doing a 30 hour famine... and how it made her realize "hunger."  She also said "Mrs. Teena, shared about how they sponsor."   The pastor charged the church that if a 12 yr old (at the time of sponsorship, Claire was 12) can do this... we could all do this!

After both services ..... 13 children were sponsored....  is that amazing! I was so excited about the whole service, the people's heart and how God was moving!

Thanks for letting me share.

Change the world... one child at a time!


  1. That is great! Yes, if a young girl can do it, we should all be able to do it!

    What a great day Teena!