Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is Erik... IN REAL LIFE!

This is Erik! Our newly sponsored little boy from Bolivia! He is building Legos! Just like our Wyatt loves... isn't God great? God cares about the little things.. even connecting (no pun intended) two little boys!  Erik is the little boy in the blue sweater with the turtle neck shirt. He waves and tries to say HALLO!  We watch it over and over. 
These children that you sponsor are real kids... they long for your love. They look forward to your letters!

 I am so excited to see how God is doing this in our family. Wyatt & Wesley's heart has changed these past few months. So very thankful to God.

*this video was taken by Advocate Kees Boer who travels to Bolivia and visits Erik's project often. He plans to go there this May. Kees allows me to share all videos/pics. 

Change the life of a child today!


  1. What a precious gift Erik is to your family! And this video too is such a gift.

    When we met our Compassion child Florianlyn & LDP student Rochelle, in all our excitement, we totally forgot to take videos. Many photos but no video! It's the one thing I wish we didn't forget to do on our trip.

  2. Well this is certainly a blessing for me to watch. I bet this was a wonderful thing for you! He is so cute!

  3. How cool is that!! SO awesome that you got video of Erik!

  4. Yes, this is one of the videos that Kee's took while over in Bolivia! We are so thrilled!

    Thanks, for your comments!

  5. We just sponsored a little girl in Bolivia - it's my first child from Bolivia and she's precious. Her name is Ruth and she's 4. She's from BO522