Sunday, March 18, 2012

Much Needed...

Last week I was really struggling with frustration and .... anger.  Several year ago I really really struggled with being angry ALL THE TIME.  I was angry with my situation/sustaining longing and I kept trying to FIX things.  I would snap at, traffic, messy house...  etc.  I missed lots of special times with life.  I remember one of my very best friends kept saying...  "you can't sweat the small stuff."

 Well, in the last 7-8 yrs...  God has taken that away! I think it was a gradual thing. In 2005 I started reading Ann's blog... and how she always points us to see God's grace, count our gifts and give thanks. Realizing too how fast life goes and "trying to not sweat the small stuff!"

So your wondering if I am over this .... what happened? Me too! By Wednesday night I started thinking ... "what if this never goes away...  anger."  My kids wondered what in the world was wrong with mom! Lysa said to me....  "you seem so on edge and upset about so many little things!"


On Thursday ...  Lysa, Wyatt, Wesley and I ... loaded up the van, left before the sun was up ... drove to Hilton Head, SC. It isn't too far... about 2.5 hrs from home.  It was a wonderful day. Much needed! We stopped at Hilton Head Christian Academy to see the Children of the World in concert. Then we headed to the beach. God allowed the peace to come....

We have never been to Hilton Head, SC...   very beautiful, peaceful.

God is faithful. I am thankful. So very thankful for the peace that comes when we ask and allow Him to wash over us....  

Change the world... one child at a time!


  1. Hi Teena. I love your honesty & your transparency. So glad you were able to get away to clear your mind. We'd love to visit Hilton Head one day... looks beautiful!

  2. It was awesome!!Thanks for all you did!!You are awesome!! I love you!!


  3. I once was bitter, angry, and tense all the time, and over the past several years, the Holy Spirit has been doing the Extreme Makeover: Welcome Home a la Shaun Groves :D

    It's gradual, it's life changing, and it's all grace... and reminders... and growth... and Him.

    SO glad you were able to spend much needed time resting in the love of family, enjoying new scenery, seeing His world out there, and renewing your spirit! We all need that from time to time!

    How far are you from the Outer Banks? (I know the OBX is in NC, just curious!)

    You are LOVED -- beyond measure!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Trips are so great! Glad you feel better, too! Love, Laurie