Monday, March 26, 2012

Let them share their heart...

Still reading "5 Conversations You should have with your Sons." She talks so much about talking opening with our sons/children. I have always been very open with our children. Years ago I heard it said that when we tuck our children in at night we need to allow them to talk. When the lights are off/dim.... they will open up and ask questions or share what is bothering them.....

I read this quote by Ann Voskamp .... and it spoke to me...

How do you live so that when your kids think of the Grace of the Gospel, they think of you? ~Ann Voskamp

Living real before our kids is one of the things I have found works. Not so many rules but being real .... loving Jesus and enjoying life. Even in the hard times... difficult situations... not just pretending like everything is great... but talking through it, praying and still asking God to show us His grace.

With three of my six children grown.... 19, 23, 26.... my advice to you who have young children... take the time to talk. Let them share their heart with you ... start early so that when they are in their teens.... they will still share their heart.

This sweet chunky monkey will soon be 9!

I still have a 14, 10 & 8yr old still here every day with me. So thankful! Our 19 yr old is still here but is gone to work/college a lot of the time. Somtimes I am tired or real busy but he wants to talk.... so I talk. Tonight when we came in from church... Wesley (8) said "mom, will you come and lets lay on your bed and we can talk?"

Take the time.... it is so worth it.



  1. I fully believe in this! I mean, why wouldn't everyone? Being open is about being honest so they will know the right answers. Talking with them is about having that close relationship & trust. I do desire to be real with my children. I wish parents would push back their fears & let God help them with this. There are great rewards for taking the time. :) You are a great example of this Teena! I believe in this post!

  2. That quote is profound! Super inspiring!