Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Changing Lives.... God is faithful!

Wyatt & Wesley wrote their sponsored child Erik a few days ago! They are so excited about sponsoring him!  Wyatt keeps saying.... "I can't wait til we get our first letter from Erik!"  We already sent the letter that you receive with his packet.  I had the boys tell me what they wanted me to say....   as you can see on the white eraser board.

Their finished letters... the frog one is Wyatt's letter and the other is Wesley's.

After mailing their letters the other day.....   last night  Kees (the Compassion Advocate that connected us to Erik) sent me this pic. I found it in my email!
Look at him building Legos at his Compassion project! God is faithful.  We love you, Erik! We are changing Erik's life.... and he is changing ours.

Change a life... sponsor a child today!


  1. So cool!! Love it when my boys get excited about our Compassion kids!

  2. Your family is so blessed to have Erik. How great that you know somebody who goes there often and takes such great pictures.

    Lovely letters boys!

  3. I love the frog paper!

  4. That is so wonderful! So excited! Love ya, Laurie