Monday, February 06, 2012

Wow Wyatt is 10!

Ten years ago today, we welcomed our 5th child....  third son, Wyatt Emory. Named after my Dad...
I love how Wyatt is watching my Dad singing to Wesley! Wyatt was 18 months.

Wyatt was our preemie baby. He was born at 33 wks. He was my pre-eclampsia baby.  He weighed 5lbs 2 oz and was 18" long.
Alyssa squeezing (I mean hugging) him!
Wyatt is now in the 4th grade. He now weighs 56lbs. He loves Legos. Especially Star War Legos! On Friday he had 7 friends (and his brother Wesley) over. My husband set up the pop-up camper ...
 Most of these boys he has known since birth....
He was making a funny face here with his new Star Wars~ Ewok Attack!

They had a great time playing... kick the can, flash light tag, and of course wii.

Wyatt loved his Lego cake I made. I tried to do the Star Wars colors.  White. Blue. Black.  He put several mini figures on to make them look like they were having a battle!
I can tell his heart is molding into LOVE.... as he reads the Compassion Explorer magazine (which his comment was on the back of!)  and on Friday he came to me and asked "if someone dies before they hear about Jesus...  where will they go?"    What a hard question.  "What about if someone is like 20 and lives in another country and never hears?"   Wyatt accepted  Jesus in Aug. 2009.  I love how his heart is growing in God.

His papa would be so proud. He loved that Wyatt was named after him.  He squats like his Papa and sometimes when he wears a baseball cap he looks like my dad. My dad was always very thin... Wyatt reminds me of him.  My dad was the fifth born and so is our Wyatt.  I didn't realize all these things when we named him after my Dad. Isn't God cool?

Happy 10th Birthday, Wyatt!!

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  1. I love Wyatt's face with the Lego set!! I think it's one that lots of little boys (and probably some big ones too!) wear when they get a cool set of Legos!! Giggle!! There's a really cool web site that has PDF lego set building instructions to nearly every set ever sold. I've been going through it since our manuals last about uhm... 2 seconds after the box is open!! Ha Ha!! Let me know if you're interested in the web addy.

    I do think that it is especially cool about Wyatt being named after your dad. What a God thing!!

    The Georgia boots sound fantastic!! I want some for myself!! How precious in knowing that 2 other little boys will be blessed. I often think about other children enjoying what we donate too. I'm sentimental like that.

    Been thinking about you a lot!! I've had some really hard things going on for me too--and I think of you--all you've gone through and it gives me strength to keep pressing on instead of throwing in the towel. :-) I thank God for you and pray that He blesses you in such a mighty way that you will know what a jewel you are!! <3

    Love ya dear friend!!