Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Story of the Georgia Boots~

I'd like to share with you the Story of the Georgia Boots.
About 5 yrs ago... we bought our two youngest boys... Georgia Boots. They loved them so much! They were a bit big... you know so they could grow into them. These two pair of boots walked through lots of life. They were there when we buried my Dad, when my oldest daughter graduated high school, when our oldest son and his future wife graduated college....  these Georgia Boots were even there at my oldest son's rehersal dinner the night before he wed his lifemate.
These Georgia Boots were there the day we buried my mom....   they were there for climbing trees, for lots of worship services, for so many things. As my little boys feet grew... their boots stayed in the closet more and more. They were worn...  anyone that knows Georgia Boots.. these are shoes that out last the kids. Even our Wesley who is very hard on shoes.

This past Christmas the church we are visiting collected shoes for Soles4Souls. Wyatt & Wesley took their boots and donated them. When I saw them place their Georgia Boots in the stack of shoes... my heart was full. These boots will be shipped to children without shoes. Children living in poverty. Some where on the other side of the world....   two children will wear my boys boots not knowing the history behind the boots. We will not know who will wear them or what adventure waits for these boots.

My heart is full .

Such a simple thing. Soon two other boys will have smiles as they wear Wyatt & Wesley's Georgia Boots.

They were so young. Nov. 2007

Change a life~

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