Thursday, February 09, 2012

Take the time.....

I have been uploading some pics from our dinosaur computer to this computer by email. Pictures from years ago.....

I was reading over at Ann's blog about how each moment is gone forever.... even the hard ones. I look back at these pics and realize just how fast everything goes and I need to remember to take time, to slow down... to laugh more.... not sweat the small stuff....  

so I will just share some old pics.....    and I will capture some now pictures with my kids today...  laugh and slow ... and enjoy.
 Mandi with our horse (died in 2008) and Wesley. 2005
 Wesley at the water park. 2005
Alyssa & Wyatt feeding the ducks ~ summer 2004.

I think back over all those moments I let slip away.... when one asked me to come outside and see something they made or to play a board game....  or can we have a picnic in the woods....   again I am realizing how important it is to say YES. I think about our sponsored children....  our first one Ucok who will soon be 8.. he has been our sponsored  child for almost 4 yrs. I write every month but can remember letting time slip by and only writing a couple times a year....  

Take the time today....  for today will be gone forever....

Sponsor a child today!

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  1. Wise words!!

    I have a stack of old hard drives with precious pictures on them that I will "someday" get off them. :-P Still haven't figured out the technicalities.

    Love ya!!