Friday, February 10, 2012

Again... and mixed feelings.

The Children of the World International Choir came to a church about 45 minutes from our house. Of course my group of girls... wanted to go!  So we did.
This is Stephanie .. she is from the Philippines.

COTW 2011-2012

 a group pic with us. Wyatt with his cast

Claire, Hannah and Lysa love Rina. She is 17 and is a chaperone. She is from Nepal.

This is Cathy.. she is a chaperone too. She is from the Philippines.

We have followed them since 2009. That is when we met the first group. Our first group is still so very special to our heart. We still pray for them. We spent lots of time with them. We love them. It is a different group every August.

The mixed emotions come in.... as we do not support this organization financially. We love seeing the children perform and we love meeting children from different parts of the world.

When our first group went back to their countries we honestly thought we would never see them again. We made them a scrapbook page, told them we would never forget and we would always pray for them. God has made a way for us to hear updates and even send letters!

When I take these girls ... they see children from different countries and meet them. They are able to talk to the chaperones and they grow to love them. Just last night Alyssa and I skyped with Joy one of the chaperones from the first group we met. Joy lives in the Philippines... in Cebu City. She was telling us about the earthquake. We were able to meet/see her nephew Calix who is 4! Lifetime friends. Lysa so wants to go to the Philippines... to see all her COTW friends and meet her sponsored child JAZZY!
 Jazzy Rain... Lysa's sponsored child from the Philippines. She has sponsored her since June and Lysa has already received 7 letters!
Joy & Alyssa... forever friends. 

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  1. Teena... both my hubby and I were born in Cebu City! What a small world. :-)

    Lysa will love it there... you will too, I'm sure! God will make a way if He wants you to go.

  2. Glad the girls were able to enjoy seeing COW again! I know they enjoy you taking them! Love ya! Laurie